Toy Fair LEGO Batman Movie Summer 2017 Sets: Batwing!

As we’re just a couple months away from the LEGO Batman Movie Summer 2017 sets being launched, I want to finish my previews of the sets this weekend. And next up is the largest and most expensive of the mass-release sets! It’s a new spin on one of the most iconic Batman vehicles of all-time, and it has one of the best price-per-piece values of the year: the LEGO Batman Movie Batwing 70916!

LEGO Batman Movie Batwing 70916 Set Photos

Growing up, if you had asked me to name all of Batman’s vehicles, the list would have stopped after “Batmobile” and “Batwing”. A couple decades later, I know Batman actually has everything from the Bat-Tank to the Bat-Submarine, but ┬áthe legendary Batwing is still among my absolute favorite vehicles.

So when there was no LEGO Batman Movie Batwing set announced with the first wave of sets for the movie, I was a bit bummed. But turns out TLG was just saving something major for wave 2 to headline the LEGO Batman Movie Summer 2017 sets list!

LEGO Batman Summer 2017 Sets Batwing 70916Unlike past versions of the Batwing, the movie iteration of the vehicle look much more like a high-speed stealth jet and less like, well… a bat.

Back of LEGO The Batman Movie The Batwing Set Toy Fair 2017The 70916 Batwing shoots yellow discs and has an absolutely huge wingspan. I didn’t bring a ruler with me to the New York Toy Fair 2017 last month (shame on me!), but the wingspan looked to easily be over 20″ wide.

LEGO Batman Movie Batwing Cockpit Summer 2017And, just like in the movie, the Batwing accurately only has one seat in it (because, you know–Batman only has one butt, of course). Nice attention to detail!

LEGO 70916 Batwing Robin Minifigure with Go-KartThe Batwing itself isn’t the only attraction here, however. Robin gets the most bare-bones little Bat-Car ever, and Harley Quinn has a surprisingly elaborate stud-shooting cannon.

LEGO Batman Movie Batwing Harley Quinn CannonNeither of these is a big draw for me, though I do think the stud-shooter is pretty neat this time.

Toy Fair 2017 LEGO Batwing Price Release Date

If there’s one thing about the LEGO Batman Movie Batwing that’s just a mite disappointing, it’s that this $90 set includes only 3 Minifigures. Now, while it’s true that the set is a great value and includes only iconic characters (Batman, Robin and Harley Quinn), one more obscure villain Minifigure (Condiment King, please) would have made this set just about perfect.

And speaking of the value: the LEGO 70916 The Batwing contains 1,053 pieces for $89.99. That’s only 8.5 cents per piece, a really incredible value for a licensed movie set containing a super-recognizable vehicle and only desirable character Minifigures!

LEGO 70916 The Batwing Box Batman Movie Summer 2017The Batman Movie LEGO Batwing 70916 set will be available online and in stores officially June 1st, 2017 as part of the Summer 2017 sets wave. It’s the most expensive mass release set in the wave, so it shouldn’t be too hard to track down once it begins arriving in stores. I’ve got a hunch that this set is gonna be mighty popular come the holiday shopping season at the end of the year, though!

What do you think of the Summer 2017 LEGO Batman Movie The Batwing 70916 set, brick fans? Is this your favorite brick-built version of the Batwing that TLG has ever designed, and will one of them be flying into your home later this year?

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