Toy Fair 2016: LEGO Fun in the Park City People Pack!

When an upcoming set gets referred to by many collectors as “The Best LEGO Set ever”, that descriptor raises the bar of expectations really high. So when I got into the New York Toy Fair 2016 LEGO booth over the weekend, the LEGO Fun in the Park City People Pack 60134 set was one of my very destinations! And while I don’t know that I’d go so far as to refer to it as “the best set ever”, there’s no denying that this set is a ton of fun in person and is going to be super-popular when it hits stores this summer…

60134 LEGO City Fun in the Park City People Pack Box

First revealed at the Nuremeberg Toy Fair 2016 last month in Germany, the buzz surrounding the 60134 LEGO City Fun in the Park City People Pack set was nearly palpable! And having seen the set in-person, I can see now why it was generating such a buzz: never has there been such an inclusive set of minifigures–and including 14 minifigures (plus a baby and a dog!) in one series is absolutely unprecedented!

Let’s take a closer look at what this set has to offer with some hi-res photos, shall we?

Toy Fair 2016 LEGO Wheelchair Minifigure from Fun at the Park SetLet’s start by looking at the figure that’s generating the most hype in this set: the first-ever boy in wheelchair minifigure! The wheelchair is partially brick-built and has two wheels on the side that can be rotated with your hand.

I’ve astonishingly heard some criticism aimed at the fact that TLG has only included a boy in wheelchair in this set and asking when we’ll be getting a girl in a wheelchair, but seeing as how you can put whatever minifig you want into the wheelchair, I think that particular critique is rather ludicrous.

LEGO Baby Minifigure Fun in the Park City People Pack SetBesides the handicapped minifigure, the other most talked-about inclusion in this set is the LEGO Baby minifigure. This is simply adorable, and I can’t wait for TLG to release this mold recolored numerous times and with numerous face prints. (Thankfully, you can’t tell if this is a boy or a girl, so I haven’t heard on complaints about the gender of this baby.)

LEGO Fun in the Park 60134 Grandma MinifigureAnd hey, if we’re going to be inclusive, we might as well include the elderly, right? This set also includes a great-looking Grandma minifigure (or perhaps Senior Citizen Female minifigure, if she never chose to reproduce). She can hold onto a nice bouquet of pink flowers and hang out on the bus stop bench if you choose–or if your Grandma minifig is more adventurous, she can ride a bike or push a lawnmower around!

And speaking of which…

New York Toy Fair 2016 LEGO City Fun in the Park SetI’m sick to death of the green overalls over a red shirt body mold, but it’s at least progressive to see a woman using a lawnmower as part of this set!

Meanwhile, two young boys playing ball are also part of the set. The yellow spiky hair mold and blue hoodie torso are two of my favorite minifigure parts, so this might be my favorite minifig in the whole set!

LEGO Toy Fair 2016 Fun at the Park Merry Go RoundAnd where there’s kids, you should have some park recreation equipment for the kids to play on! I can’t recall ever owning a brick-built Merry-Go-Round before, and I honestly can’t remember if there’s ever been one. I’m psyched to have my own LEGO Merry-Go-Round that can hold up to four minifigs regardless, however!

LEGO City Fun in the Park People Pack Picnic Table 2016Since this is a family outing, the minifigures should definitely be able to share a family meal together, right? And so, we’ve got a brick-built picnic table, which is seen here surrounded by a Grandma minifigure and a Mom. Plus, the beloved red apple and croissant elements make an appearance!

60134 LEGO City Fun at the Park Set New York Toy Fair 2016There’s so, so much in this set that I still haven’t even described it all. There’s a female lawyer/businesswoman minifigure, a cyclist, a painter with buildable picket fence, a father pushing the baby carriage and more! This is just an outstanding, incredible collection that TLG has put together for us here, and one of the more unique LEGO City sets that I can remember.

60134 LEGO Fun in the Park Hot Dog Stand and Vendor MinifigureAnd hey, what day at the park is complete without a visit to the local Hot Dog Vendor minifigure’s Hot Dog Stand, right? (I mean, unless you’re a vegetarian. Which I am.) This isn’t the most-detailed brick-built Hot Dog Stand that we’ve ever seen, but it’s still a nifty inclusion in this set that I’m delighted to see included.

LEGO City Fun in the Park Set Price and Release Date

Let’s talk about price, shall we. Considering that this set includes 14 minifigures–plus a baby and a dog–plus a buildable hot dog stand–plus a picnic table–plus a merry-go-round–plus various other pieces of buildable environment… you might expect this set to retail for $50-$60. But crazily enough, it does not!

This Fun at the Park set has an MSRP of $39.99, which would be a deal even if only the fourteen minifigures were included. With everything we get in this box, this set is a total steal!

The Fun in the Park City People Pack set is scheduled to be released officially as part of the LEGO City Summer 2016 sets wave in August 2016.

New York Toy Fair 2016 Fun in the Park 60134 LEGO City People Pack SetOverall, this is an outright amazing $39.99 set that I think any child or adult collector would be thrilled to get to supplement their minifigure collections and to add to their other preexisting dioramas. When this set hits in late summer, it is gonna sell like gangbusters!

I’ll be posting full photo previews of every one of the LEGO Summer 2016 sets shown at the 2016 Toy Fair in the coming weeks, so be sure to follow the Brick Toy News Twitter and Facebook Pages so you don’t miss any of the upcoming news, images and previews!

What do you think of the 60134 Fun in the Park People Pack, brick fans? Will you be picking up this set this coming summer? Would you be interested in seeing more sets primarily composed of minifigures like this one released in the future?


Toy Fair 2016: LEGO Fun in the Park City People Pack! — 3 Comments

  1. What’s really awesome about the wheel chair figure… he’s wearing a skull cap very reminiscent of chemo patients.
    Does this mini fig have cancer and he is in treatment?
    That’s pretty cool.
    TLG criticism that I have is the zero diversity in this set. Yellow has come to be synonymous with white skin.
    If you disagree than why did Vitriviuous, a wholy original character get dark skin when being voiced by morgan freeman?

    • There all yellow so you can pretend yheir whatever skin color you want; they have been like this FOREVER. And why would you be happy to have a minifig with cancer? Yay my new cancer minifig im sooo hyped yus!

    • Legoland figures (city, ninjago, pirates, etc.) are all yellow. licensed figures have “skin color”. The Lego movie is a mix of all of these.
      Vitruvious is a custom figure made by the little kid in the movie (he has a rubber band on his head, and is holding an eaten sucker as a staff as evidence of this). I think the dark nougat head was there to really sell the idea that this was a cobbled together fig from the kids imagination—he’s a fleshy, but from no discernible licensed set.