LEGO Winter Holiday Train 10254 Revealed & Photos!

LEGO Winter Holiday Train Box Front

Last year’s LEGO Winter Village release turned out to be an utter fiasco, with brick fans worldwide calling foul when the only new set released in the beloved series was the 12049 Winter Toy Shop remake, a move which infuriated long-time Winter Village collectors. But there’s little to no chance of anyone’s ire being raised this year, as TLG has now officially revealed this year’s exclusive Winter Village set. It’s the LEGO Winter Holiday Train 10254 set, and it just may be the best-ever of the LEGO Winter Village sets!

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Target Easter 2016 LEGO Polybags! Frozen Olaf & Fire Car!

Target LEGO 2016 Easter Polybag Sets

Valentine’s Day 2016 has come and gone, and so has the Valentine Day’s seasonal section at Target stores (and the beloved post-Valentine’s Day clearance)!

Now it’s time to look ahead, with the Target Easter seasonal section now set up in most locations, including Peeps, Cadbury Mini Eggs & Cream Eggs and… the LEGO Frozen Olaf & City Fire Car polybag sets! At least one of these sets is gonna fly out of Target stores…

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LEGO City Fire Car 30347 Polybag Set Released & Photos!

LEGO Fire Car 30347 Polybags at Toys R Us Store

Considering that one Collectible Minifigures Series blind bag costs $3.99 these days, I always get excited when I find new polybags I didn’t know about that include both a minifig and a little build for that same $3.99.

And this weekend, I stumbled upon a new polybag set at that magic price-point that I didn’t even know existed: the LEGO City Fire Car 30347!

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LEGO Civil War Super Hero Airport Battle 76051 Photos!

LEGO Giant-Man Figure Captain America Civil War

There’s a war brewing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe this summer, and it’s bringing us a trio of new LEGO Marvel Civil War sets! While two of the three sets are in the small-medium size, the third is definitely on the large size. Or you might even say it’s giant-sized!

Because the third and final Civil War is 76051 LEGO Super Hero Airport Battle–featuring Giant-Man!

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LEGO Minecraft 2016 The Jungle Tree House 21125 Photos!

LEGO The Jungle Tree House 21125 Minecraft Set

It’s crazy to think that we’re now entering our third calendar year where minifigure-scale LEGO Minecraft sets will be available, but it’s true–2016 will mark the third year for the minifig-scaled Minecraft theme! And while we’ve already received quite a few environments from the blockbuster computer/video game in brick form, this year’s crop will be headlined by a rare biome that’s finally getting its due in the 2016 LEGO Minecraft The Jungle Tree House 21125 set!

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