LEGO Star Wars Summer 2017 Sets Scout Trooper Speeder Bike!

LEGO Star Wars Summer 2017 Sets Scout Trooper & Speeder Bike

I’ve been moving a (dead) snail’s pace in my New York Toy Fair 2017 LEGO Summer 2017 sets photos preview coverage, so I’m going to try to bang out previews for a few sets today while I have some spare time. And with that in mind, let’s talk about two sets in one preview! Not only is the popular LEGO Star Wars Buildable figure line continuing this summer with the Stormtrooper Commander, but we’re getting our first-ever vehicle set in this sub-theme: the Scout Trooper & Speeder Bike!

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LEGO Star Wars Jakku Quadjumper 75178 Summer 2017 Set!

LEGO Star Wars Jakku Quadjumper 75178 Summer 2017 Set

Remember that awesome scene in the first hour of Star Wars The Force Awakens where Finn and Rey are running toward a Quadjumper on Jakku, but it gets blown up and they’re forced to escape in the “garbage” Millennium Falcon instead? This summer, we’ll all get the chance to rewrite history and give that ship its moment in the sun: the LEGO Star Wars Jakku Quadjumper 75178 is part of the LEGO Star Wars Summer 2017 sets wave!

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LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Transformation Summer 2017 Set!

LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Transformation 75183 Box Toy Fair 2017

I kicked off my Toy Fair 2017 LEGO Star Wars coverage with my discussion of the Rathtar Attack set on Star Wars Toy News–and now, let’s look at a new set here! Way back in 2005, TLG released a little set called Darth Vader Transformation 7251 depicting the legendary scene from Star Wars Revenge of the Sith where Anakin Skywalker is reconstructed as Darth Vader. That simplistic set was badly in need of an upgrade–and this year, it will get it! LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Transformation 75183 is one of the Summer 2017 sets!

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LEGO Star Wars 2017 Sets: A-Wing! Desert Skiff! Landspeeder!

2017 LEGO Star Wars A-Wing 75175 Set Box

While we’ve already seen quite a few great LEGO Star Wars 2017 sets, ranging from the Clone Wars to Rebels to Rogue One to the prequels, Original Trilogy sets have been conspicuous by their absence… until now! While we’ve seen all of these vehicles before on more than one occasion (and then some), some old favorites are flying back in in all-new builds: the 2017 LEGO Star Wars A-Wing, Desert Skiff and Luke’s Landspeeder have now been revealed!

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2017 LEGO Star Wars Duel on Naboo 75169 Set Photos Preview!


Another day, another LEGO Star Wars 2017 set photos preview! We’re still waiting on the ultra hi-res photos for this batch of Winter 2017 sets, but when I see a set from my favorite Star Wars movie, I just can’t help blabbing about it early. Coming this winter, brick fans the world over can build what’s largely considering the best lightsaber fight ever with the LEGO Duel on Naboo 75169 set!

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LEGO Star Wars 2017 Sets: The Phantom! THRAWN Minifigure!


My preference is always to wait until super hi-resolution official images are available before talking about new sets, but once again there’s a new set circulating that’s just too juicy to not talk about! Star Wars Rebels is getting the shaft this winter in favor of a multitude of sets from Rogue One, but we’ve got at least one Rebels Season 3 set to look forward to–and it’s a good one: the LEGO Star Wars 2017 The Phantom 75170 set with Admiral Thrawn Minifigure!

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LEGO Star Wars 2017 Sets Photos: Rogue One Microfighters!


Earlier today I discussed the main LEGO Star Wars 2017 Rogue One sets due out in January over on my Star Wars blog, but I saved something that’s likely to appeal just to us brick fans for here. Though the style took some getting used to, the Star Wars Microfighters sets are the highly-successful low-priced Star Wars line that TLG was looking for for years, and this winter Microfighters Series 4 arrives, filled with Rogue One vehicles such as Krennic’s Imperial Shuttle, the TIE Striker, a Y-Wing and more!

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LEGO Sets Retiring: Ewok Village Pet Shop Opera House & More!


There are quite a few sets that we’ve all suspected would be retiring “soon” for a while now, including the long-produced LEGO Pet Shop Modular Building and the recently-discounted LEGO Ewok Village & Jawa Sandcrawler sets. And now, the rumors are proven true–the UK LEGO Shop has confirmed the retirement of some very popular exclusive sets, including LEGO Ideas, Creator, Star Wars and more! Time to order your LEGO Creator Pet Shop and more online before they’re gone forever!

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LEGO Star Wars Rogue One Sets Revealed & Photos!

LEGO Rogue One TIE Striker Set Box

Given the way that the LEGO Star Wars The Force Awakens set images were closely guarded under lock and key until it was nearly Force Friday last year, I really expected that TLG would keep a tight lid on their LEGO Rogue One sets until this year’s Force Friday (September 30th, 2016) as well. But it looks like the starfighters are out of the bag, as Amazon Italy has posted the official images of all of this year’s sets for brick fans the world over to see! I’ll be discussing the Rogue One Buildable Figures sets on my Star Wars blog, but let’s take a first look at the Rogue One vehicles sets…

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LEGO Star Wars Death Star 75159 UCS Revealed & Photos!

LEGO Death Star 75159 UCS Set Box 2016 Star Wars

That’s no moon… it’s a new LEGO Star Wars UCS set!! Get ready to have your world rocked (or blown away by a super-laser), brick fans, because one of the biggest and most-anticipated sets of 2016 has unexpectedly made its debut at a LEGO Store in Maryland! We thought details regarding the not-quite-announced 2016 LEGO Star Wars Death Star 75159 were secret until September 1st, but the set has now made an abrupt world premiere!

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