Toy Fair: LEGO Spider-Man Homecoming Beware The Vulture Set!

2017 Toy Fair LEGO Spider-Man Homecoming Vulture Set 76083

As some of you likely noticed, this site crashed for about half the weekend under the highest server strain I’ve ever had across my sites. So I do apologize for the delay in my New York Toy Fair 2017 LEGO coverage. But–onward and upward! Earlier today I kicked off LEGO Summer 2017 sets coverage on Marvel Toy News with the first of the two newly-revealed LEGO Spider-Man Homecoming sets, and now let’s take a look at the other one here: the LEGO Beware The Vulture 76083 set!

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2017 LEGO Marvel & GOTG Sets Now Up for Order!

LEGO Milano vs. The Abilisk 76081 Set Box

Just as I was literally packing my bags this morning for New York Toy Fair 2017 (which I’ll be on-hand for Saturday and posting thousands of photos from over the next few weeks), TLG went and hit me up with a little surprise–that’s going to cost many of us a lot of money! Though they’ve long been rumored for a March 1st 2017 release date, it turns out that all of the Winter 2017 LEGO Marvel sets are now up for order and shipping tomorrow–including the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 sets, the Coulson & Lola set and more!

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2017 LEGO Marvel Hulk vs. Red Hulk 76078 Set Photos Preview!


The LEGO Super Heroes theme has improved dramatically since its inception, and whereas once upon a time most collectors were only buy the sets for the minifigs, the builds are oftentimes just as desirable as the minifigures these days. But if there was one set that 99% of collectors were going to buy in 2017 solely for the figures–this would probably be it: the LEGO Marvel 2017 Hulk vs. Red Hulk 76078 set has now been fully revealed!

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LEGO Marvel 2017 Sets: Captain America Jet Pursuit! Ms Marvel!


I started out my coverage of the winter LEGO Marvel 2017 Sets with a photos preview of the LEGO Iron Man Detroit Steel Showdown with Coulson and Lola the Flying Car earlier today on my Marvel blog, but I’m going to move coverage back here to discuss the final two sets in the winter wave. One of the more bizarre Marvel sets ever brings us one of the most unique new Marvel characters–it’s the LEGO Captain America Jet Pursuit 76076 set with Ms. Marvel minifigure!

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SDCC 2016 LEGO BrickHeadz Sets Revealed! Marvel & DC!

BrickHeadz Iron Man LEGO Figure Set

At this time next week, toy collectors around the world will be drinking in all of the news and photos and brand-new toys and collectibles unveiled at San Diego Comic-Con 2016. But that doesn’t mean there’s no news to go around this week–in fact, just today, LEGO has unveiled a an all-new line of sets that will debut as timed exclusives for SDCC 2016 next week and will then appear at mass retail for fans everywhere in 2017! Coming to Comic Con next week (and the whole world next year): the LEGO BrickHeadz sets featuring Batman, Joker, Black Panther and more!

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LEGO Civil War Spider-Man Set Revealed! LEGO 76067 Photos!

LEGO Civil War Spider-Man Set Back Tanker Truck Takedown 76067

It’s pretty unusual for LEGO to release a movie-based Marvel set months after the rest of the sets in the series, so it was a bit of a head-scratcher when rumors began to surface regarding a fourth Civil War set in addition to the ones released a couple months back. I should have realized immediately why this set was delayed a bit, but it’s pretty clear now: the first-ever MCU Spider-Man minifigure is the headliner in the exclusive LEGO Marvel Tanker Truck Takedown 76067 Civil War set!

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LEGO Civil War Captain America’s Motorcycle Set Released!

LEGO Civil War Captain America's Motorcycle Polybags Released

It was a little bit over a month ago that we learned from the May 2016 LEGO Store Calendar that a brand-new LEGO Marvel Captain America’s Motorcycle polybag promo was scheduled for the end of May!

But if you don’t feel like waiting until the end of the month to snag this set for free, you don’t have to: the 30447 Captain America’s Motorcycle set from Civil War is now starting to turn up for sale in local Toys R Us stores!

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Toy Fair: LEGO Ghost Rider Team-Up Summer 2016 Set!

LEGO Ghost Rider Motorcycle and Minifigure 2016

I’m in a LEGO Marvel kind of mood today, which I why I talked about the Doc Ock Tentacle Trap here and the spectacular Spider-Man Web Warriors Ultimate Bridge Battle on my Marvel site this morning. That leaves one LEGO Marvel 2016 set to talk about, and it’s a (small) biggie! One of the most-requested Marvel characters cruises into stores this summer–it’s the LEGO Spider-Man Ghost Rider Team-Up 76058!

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Toy Fair 2016: LEGO Marvel Doc Ock’s Tentacle Trap Photos!

New York Toy Fair 2016 LEGO Marvel Doc Ock's Tentacle Trap Set

Of the three LEGO Marvel Summer 2016 sets that we’d heard about from Nuremberg and London last month, there was one set that definitely sounded less interesting to me than the others. And so, I made it a point to take some time snapping a ton of hi-res photos at the New York Toy Fair 2016 this weekend to see if giving the LEGO Doc Ock’s Tentacle Trap 76059 a little bit of attention would make me fall in love with it…

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