LEGO Carousel 10257 Set Revealed & Hi- Res Photos!

LEGO Carousel 10257 Box Front 2017 Set

If you ever go on this thing called “the Internet”, you very likely have seen leaked information and photos of a mysterious addition to the LEGO Creator Fairground sub-theme of amusement park rides. Out of respect for TLG’s wishes, I haven’t talked about that set at all. But the time for secrecy is over, as TLG has officially dropped the curtain today, revealing what’s bound to be one of the most popular and best-selling sets of 2017: the LEGO Creator Carousel 10257!

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2017 LEGO Marvel & GOTG Sets Now Up for Order!

LEGO Milano vs. The Abilisk 76081 Set Box

Just as I was literally packing my bags this morning for New York Toy Fair 2017 (which I’ll be on-hand for Saturday and posting thousands of photos from over the next few weeks), TLG went and hit me up with a little surprise–that’s going to cost many of us a lot of money! Though they’ve long been rumored for a March 1st 2017 release date, it turns out that all of the Winter 2017 LEGO Marvel sets are now up for order and shipping tomorrow–including the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 sets, the Coulson & Lola set and more!

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2017 LEGO Marvel Ravager Attack 76079 Set Photos! Mantis!

LEGO 76079 Ravager Attack Guardians of the Galaxy Set Box

There’s one more 2017 LEGO Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy 2 movie set to talk about, and it’s likely to be the best-selling set from the sub-theme for a variety of reasons! It’s small, it’s cheap, it’s got two brand new characters as unique minifigures… and it’s the only LEGO Marvel 2017 set with the new Rocket Raccoon minifigure! Coming to stores later this winter in advance of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 in theaters, it’s the LEGO Ravager Attack 76079 set!

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LEGO Guardians of the Galaxy Ayesha’s Revenge 76080! Yondu!

LEGO Guardians of the Galaxy Ayesha's Revenge 76080 Set 2017

Earlier I discussed the biggest of the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 sets–the Milano vs. The Abilisk 76081–over on Marvel Toy News. But don’t worry–I saved the other new sets to discuss here! And of the two smaller LEGO Guardians of the Galaxy 2 sets, the one I think is more likely to generate a bit of buzz is the 76080 Ayesha’s Revenge set, with the first-ever LEGO Yondu minifigure!

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February 2017 LEGO Store Calendar: Free Promos & Events!


2017 has finally arrived, bringing with it the much-anticipated Assembly Square Modular Building and dozens of other new sets! But all that’s old news now, and it’s time to look ahead to what’s going to be one of the biggest months ever for TLG! Along with 100+ new sets being revealed at the New York Toy Fair 2017, the LEGO Batman Movie will finally hit theaters–and the February 2017 LEGO Store Calendar is filled with free promo polybags and posters to celebrate…

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LEGO Krypto the Super-Dog 30546 Polybag Released!

LEGO Krypto Saves The Day 30456 Polybag Set

While sets in the new LEGO DC Superhero Girls theme have only been available for a month, the line seems to be off to a hot start sales-wise. And this winter, TLG has now released a polybag that’s likely to appeal even to collectors who aren’t crazy about minidolls. This polybag will be available as a free promo from the LEGO Store next month, but if you just can’t wait (like me!), the LEGO Krypto Saves The Day 30546 polybag set has now been released for sale at Toys R Us!

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LEGO Batman in the Phantom Zone 30522 Polybag Released!

LEGO Batman in the Phantom Zone Polybags Released

Sometimes TLG manages to strike like a ninja with brand-new, never-before-seen polybags appearing in the holiday section at Target stores like magic. And sometimes… not so much. The polybag set we’ll be discussing today is the latter. We’re getting a veritable army of Batman Minifigures this winter in honor of The LEGO Batman Movie, and we can now add another onto the list of officially released ones: the LEGO Batman in the Phantom Zone polybag has now been released!

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2017 LEGO Valentine’s Day Picnic 40236 Seasonal Set Revealed!


In 2015, TLG made AFOLs the world over fall in love with an upgraded version of their Seasonal sets with a series of beloved holiday vignettes. 2016 was a disappointment to fans who loved the vignettes, as the “brick-built creature” seasonal sets returned. But collectors are going to be happy in 2017–LEGO Valentine’s Day Picnic 40236 has now been revealed, confirming that the brick-built holiday scenes are coming back!

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LEGO Star Wars 2017 Sets: A-Wing! Desert Skiff! Landspeeder!

2017 LEGO Star Wars A-Wing 75175 Set Box

While we’ve already seen quite a few great LEGO Star Wars 2017 sets, ranging from the Clone Wars to Rebels to Rogue One to the prequels, Original Trilogy sets have been conspicuous by their absence… until now! While we’ve seen all of these vehicles before on more than one occasion (and then some), some old favorites are flying back in in all-new builds: the 2017 LEGO Star Wars A-Wing, Desert Skiff and Luke’s Landspeeder have now been revealed!

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LEGO Batman Movie Minifigures Series 61017 Photos!


Though the upcoming LEGO Batman Minifigures Series hasn’t exactly been a closely-kept trade secret, we only learned the identities of the twenty characters in the 2017 LEGO Minifigures Series through a leak yesterday. But TLG doesn’t want us to be left in suspense any longer–the entire 61017 LEGO Batman Movie Minifigure Series of figure blind bags has now been revealed!

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