LEGO Carousel 10257 Set Revealed & Hi- Res Photos!

LEGO Carousel 10257 Box Front 2017 Set

If you ever go on this thing called “the Internet”, you very likely have seen leaked information and photos of a mysterious addition to the LEGO Creator Fairground sub-theme of amusement park rides. Out of respect for TLG’s wishes, I haven’t talked about that set at all. But the time for secrecy is over, as TLG has officially dropped the curtain today, revealing what’s bound to be one of the most popular and best-selling sets of 2017: the LEGO Creator Carousel 10257!

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LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Silent Mary 71042 Set Box Photos!

LEGO Silent Mary 71042 Box Pirates of the Caribbean 5

While many fans were expecting the “big” set revealed at the New York Toy Fair 2017 LEGO booth to be the LEGO Star Wars UCS Snowspeeder, that vehicle actually didn’t make an appearance. One set that did make its debut, though, is the 2017 LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Silent Mary 71042 pirate ship! Better late than never, right? So although you can see official photos online already, let’s take a look at a compilation of my in-person photos from Toy Fair, along with fresh photos of the box that just hit the internet today…

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April 2017 LEGO Store Calendar! Mini Volkswagen Beetle Promo!

April 2017 LEGO Store Calendar

March 2017 has arrived at last, and while the LEGO Store March 2017 Calendar wasn’t exactly filled with thrilling promos (yet another Police Helicopter promo and a Duplo Fish), the month has brought us something that is worth getting excited about: the early April 2017 LEGO Store Calendar! TLG wants us to “Celebrate Friendship” next month with a Tic-Tac-Toe Polybag promo, one of the scariest Mini Monthly Model Builds ever–and what’s sure to be one of the hottest promos of the year: the Mini Volkswagen Beetle Polybag!

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LEGO Batman Movie Ultimate Batmobile 70917 Set Revealed!

LEGO Batman Movie Ultimate Batmobile Set with Wicked Witch Flying Monkeys

The day AFOLs have been waiting for ever since The LEGO Movie hit theaters back in 2014 is finally here: after three years plus, The LEGO Batman Movie is now in theaters! And to celebrate, not only has the LEGO Store started its free Disco Batman & Clown Batman minifigures promo, but the final 2017 Batman Movie set has finally been revealed: the 70917 LEGO Ultimate Batmobile!

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March 2017 LEGO Store Calendar! Free Promos & Building Events!

March 2017 LEGO Store Calendar Front

My apologies for the lack of updates lately, but it’s been a slow start to the year for LEGO news. That said, things are about to get really busy, as I’m now gearing up for the largest number of reveals of the year from TLG at New York Toy Fair 2017 next week! But before I pack my bags and head out to NYC, let’s look past that event and into next month with the March 2017 LEGO Store Calendar! We’ve had some pretty thrilling months at the LEGO Stores lately–but March 2017 sadly may not be one of them…

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2017 LEGO Valentine’s Day Picnic 40236 Seasonal Set Revealed!


In 2015, TLG made AFOLs the world over fall in love with an upgraded version of their Seasonal sets with a series of beloved holiday vignettes. 2016 was a disappointment to fans who loved the vignettes, as the “brick-built creature” seasonal sets returned. But collectors are going to be happy in 2017–LEGO Valentine’s Day Picnic 40236 has now been revealed, confirming that the brick-built holiday scenes are coming back!

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LEGO Sets Retiring: Ewok Village Pet Shop Opera House & More!


There are quite a few sets that we’ve all suspected would be retiring “soon” for a while now, including the long-produced LEGO Pet Shop Modular Building and the recently-discounted LEGO Ewok Village & Jawa Sandcrawler sets. And now, the rumors are proven true–the UK LEGO Shop has confirmed the retirement of some very popular exclusive sets, including LEGO Ideas, Creator, Star Wars and more! Time to order your LEGO Creator Pet Shop and more online before they’re gone forever!

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December 2016 LEGO Store Calendar: Gingerbread Man! Moana!


There may still be another two months and change left in 2016, but another year of LEGO Store Calendars has now come and gone. That’s right–ahead of schedule, the December 2016 LEGO Store Calendar has now been officially posted online in glorious hi-res form! And while the December calendars are ofttimes are a bit dull, that’s not the case this year at all: the first LEGO Moana set is revealed on this calendar, early 2017 set releases are announced… and the controversial return of the Gingerbread Man minifigure as a promo!

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LEGO Brick Friday 2016 Holiday Promos Revealed! Snowglobe!


There’s good news and there’s bad news for fans of the incredibly beloved LEGO Holiday Promo sets. The good news is that there will definitely be LEGO 2016 Holiday Promo sets during the month of November, including one for Brick Friday! The bad news is: this year’s promotions are going to be a little bit different from the norm. Get ready for an ornament, a calendar–and a LEGO Santa Claus Snowglobe!

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October 2016 LEGO Store Calendar! Free Advent Calendar!

October 2016 LEGO Store Calendar

By this late in the month, the newest LEGO Store Calendar has usually popped up online. But because of the fact that the Death Star is still meant to be under wraps and hasn’t been officially revealed at the moment (though that starship has clearly sailed), TLG hasn’t posted the usual hi-res images of the October 2016 LEGO Store Calendar just yet. Thankfully, though, a low-res version of the calendar has appeared, confirming the Death Star, Double VIP Points, and one of the most unique free promos ever: an exclusive Holiday Countdown Calendar!

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