2017 LEGO City Pizza Van 60150 Set Photos Preview!


The time is upon us at last! In just a few short weeks, collectors will be able to march into their favorite retail stores and prance home with fresh bags full of plastic joy–AKA LEGO 2017 sets! As we count down to this momentous occasion, I’ll be doing my annual previews every day and looking at some of the hottest 2017 LEGO sets. And the first set on my docket is what I expect will be the best-selling set from Winter 2017 LEGO City: Pizza Van 60150!

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LEGO Volcano Exploration Base 60124 Summer 2016 Set!

60124 LEGO Volcano Exploration Base Box

Now that I’ve given the LEGO Friends Summer 2016 sets some much-deserved love, let’s go back and talk about one of this year’s two big City themes: LEGO Volcano! There’s a variety of neon green vehicle sets coming as part of this range, but only the largest set of them all comes with an actual volcano–the centerpiece of the theme is the LEGO City Volcano Exploration Base 60124!

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Toy Fair: LEGO Airport VIP Service 60102 Summer 2016 Set!

Toy Fair 2016 LEGO City Airport VIP Service 60102 Summer 2016 Set

Walking to New York Toy Fair 2016 Saturday morning, I never would have guessed that my two favorite displays would be LEGO Friends and LEGO City Airport. LEGO Airport is, quite frankly, the best sub-theme I never knew I wanted. I’ll be looking at each of these Summer 2016 sets in-depth over the next week or two, but let’s start with one of the ones that caught my eye instantly: the LEGO City Airport VIP Service 60102 set!

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Toy Fair 2016: LEGO City Advent Calendar 60133 Photos!

LEGO City 60133 Advent Calendar 2016 Box

There may come a year when the longstanding, beloved tradition of annual LEGO City Advent Calendar sets comes to an end… but not this year! This year, just like the year before and the years before that, we’ll be getting three new LEGO 2016 Advent Calendars! And the first one that I want to talk about is, of course, the “classic”: let’s take a look at some hi-res photos of … Continue Reading →

Toy Fair 2016: LEGO Fun in the Park City People Pack!

60134 LEGO City Fun in the Park City People Pack Box

When an upcoming set gets referred to by many collectors as “The Best LEGO Set ever”, that descriptor raises the bar of expectations really high. So when I got into the New York Toy Fair 2016 LEGO booth over the weekend, the LEGO Fun in the Park City People Pack 60134 set was one of my very destinations! And while I don’t know that I’d go so far as to refer to it as “the best set ever”, there’s no denying that this set is a ton of fun in person and is going to be super-popular when it hits stores this summer…

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Toy Fair 2016 LEGO City Airport Summer 2016 Sets Photos!

LEGO Airport Summer 2016 Sets

My first day at New York Toy Fair 2016 ended up being a lot crazier than expected, as my blogs got absolutely flooded with traffic, subsequently crashing the databases and making it excruciatingly long and tedious uploading some of the thousands of photos that I took at the event. Not a bad grand opening for this site, huh? So what was the most exciting thing I saw at the 2016 Toy Fair LEGO booth today? Well, it’s a toss-up–but the Summer 2016 LEGO City Airport sets are definitely in contention for the crown!

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