SDCC 2016 LEGO BrickHeadz Sets Revealed! Marvel & DC!

At this time next week, toy collectors around the world will be drinking in all of the news and photos and brand-new toys and collectibles unveiled at San Diego Comic-Con 2016. But that doesn’t mean there’s no news to go around this week–in fact, just today, LEGO has unveiled a an all-new line of sets that will debut as timed exclusives for SDCC 2016 next week and will then appear at mass retail for fans everywhere in 2017! Coming to Comic Con next week (and the whole world next year): the LEGO BrickHeadz sets featuring Batman, Joker, Black Panther and more!

Brick Headz LEGO Captain America and Iron Man Set SDCC 2016

When you’ve been collecting long enough, you start to see patterns emerge and old lines homages, and that’s just what long-time LEGO fans are seeing today! A couple years back, TLG produced several exclusive sets called “Cube Dudes”, which were basically just cube-looking, blocky figures of famous characters that were entirely brick-built.

Well, in the shadow of Mattel’s new line of Kubros figures (which look stylistically similar to Cube Dudes and include licenses such as Halo, He-Man, Star Trek and Assassin’s Creed), TLG is striking back with their all-new line of “BrickHeadz”!

LEGO BrickHeadz Superman and Wonder Woman FiguresNow, honestly, I am not overly enamored with the name “Brick Headz”. I actually thought that the “Cube Dudes” moniker was a lot cuter and more fun, but obviously TLG prefers to have the word “Brick” in the name. Go figure!

Regardless, a full line of these new LEGO Brick Headz sets are scheduled to hit stores shelves in 2017, but the sets will be available in 2016 as San Diego Comic-Con 2016 exclusives next week!

SDCC 2016 Exclusive LEGO Black Panther and Doctor Strange BrickHeadz SetsEight different figures will be available in four two-packs, with one pack available each of the four days of SDCC 2016. The sets will be available in limited quantities each day of the convention as follows…

  • Thursday 7/21/2016: BrickHeadz Batman and The Joker Figures
  • Friday 7/22/2016: Brick Headz Black Panther and Doctor Strange Figures
  • Saturday 7/23/2016: BrickHeadz Superman and Wonder Woman Figures
  • Sunday 7/24/2016: BrickHeadz Captain America and Iron Man Figures

SDCC LEGO Exclusive BrickHeadz Batman and Joker Figures

Notice that all eight characters features in these sets are stars of this year’s quartet of biggest superhero movies: Suicide Squad, Batman v Superman, Doctor Strange and Captain America: Civil War.

Now, personally, I don’t know that there’s a huge market or demand out there for this style of brick-built figures. As hot as Marvel (and sort of DC) is right now, and as popular as LEGO has become, these sorts of sets just do not appeal to me. I have the Cube Dudes Star Wars Bounty Hunters figures from a few years ago and love them, but the Brick Headz are just not getting me pumped up.

BrickHeadz Iron Man LEGO Figure SetObviously, LEGO wants to market low-priced character-focused sets like these and thinks that they can be a big hit at retail. I’m skeptical, but I guess we’ll find out next year!

What do you think of the new LEGO 2017 Marvel and DC Brick Headz line of brick-built figures, brick fans? Are you jazzed about the potential of this new style of sets, or is this a theme that you’re just not interested in getting invested in?


SDCC 2016 LEGO BrickHeadz Sets Revealed! Marvel & DC! — 6 Comments

  1. Unfortunately these don’t do it for me… LEGO are trying to capitalise on the success of recent Marvel and DC movies but the Brick Headz just aren’t that great.

  2. I kind of like them. They need a better name. I think they look more like characters from The Oatmeal than anything else. If they’re under 10 bucks, I see giving them a try.