SDCC 2016 LEGO Atom Minifigure Exclusive Revealed!

Last week, TLG shocked the world with their controversial selection of Hydra Captain America as their first SDCC 2016 Exclusive Minifig. That was their Marvel pick, and today it’s DC’s moment! I suspect that this choice will delight many fans and frustrate others to no end: fresh from the CW Network, the San Diego Comic Con 2016 LEGO The Atom Minifigure exclusive has now been revealed!

LEGO The Atom Minifigure SDCC 2016 Exclusive

Wow, TLG is really making some crazy selections this year for their SDCC exclusives, that’s for sure!

While it certainly doesn’t astonish me as much as their choosing to make a figure of Nazi Captain America for the convention this year, I am still totally taken aback by the choice of a CW live-action specific version of The Atom as the DC LEGO Minifigure exclusive for the show!

SDCC 2016 LEGO Atom MinifigureFor those who don’t know him, Ray Palmer is a classic character with decades of appearances as The Atom in DC Comics, cartoons and now live-action series. He’s basically the DC Universe’s answer to Ant-Man (without being as funny or doofy as Paul Rudd, of course).

Though he’s close to being a DC icon, there’s never been a LEGO Atom Minifigure released–until now!

But while Ray Palmer will be making his brick-form debut this week in San Diego, it won’t be in his classic attire–it will be in the costume made famous through the CW’s beloved ongoing live action shows such as “The Flash” and “Legends of Tomorrow”.

LEGO SDCC 2016 Exclusive The Atom Minifigure Base

I really dig that The Atom will have a special figure base to stand on with the “Palmer Technologies” logo on it. It almost looks like Ray Palmer will be standing on a little microchip! I’m not a big fan of “The Flash” or “Legends of Tomorrow”, so I honestly might like this clever base more than I like the CW-costumed version of the figure here!

As usual, this con exclusive Minifig is going to be an absolute monster to get. Interested collectors will need to line up at San Diego Comic Con on specific days to earn a chance to possibly be randomly selected to receive a free LEGO The Atom figure. Good luck, Atom lovers–you’ll need it!

LEGO The Atom Minifigure SDCC 2016 ExclusiveWhat do you think of the selection of the CW The Atom Minifigure as this year’s DC LEGO SDCC exclusive, brick fans? Are you glad that there’s still a chance for a classic Atom Minifigure at mass retail, frustrated with how difficult it will be to get this television take on the character, or just plain disinterested in The Atom altogether?


SDCC 2016 LEGO Atom Minifigure Exclusive Revealed! — 2 Comments

  1. If it was the classic costume, I’d be more concerned. I think we still have a decent shot of getting him in a set, as the same thing happened with Green Arrow.

  2. I’m sure they will release a comic version of him in a future set. I think they are staying with trend of having a character from Arrow as the SDCC exclusive. They had Green Arrow, then Arsenal, and now Ray Palmer. They still haven’t released a comic accurate Arsenal, but that could be just because of his past stories in the books.