2017 LEGO Batman Movie Catwoman Cycle Chase 70902 Revealed!


There’s one more set from today’s LEGO The Batman Movie reveals that I wasn’t going to be able to sleep tonight if I didn’t talk about (I’m sick, I know), and while it’s small, it’s also pretty significant! Not only is the LEGO Catwoman Catcycle Chase set low-priced, but it’s also the first (non-Superhero Girls) LEGO Superheroes set ever where the number of female minifigures included outnumbers the number of males…

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LEGO Batman Movie Riddler Riddle Racer 2017 Set Photos!


A little bit earlier today, I posted my full photos preview of the LEGO Batman Movie Killer Croc Tail-Gator set, with its mind-blowing Zebra Man and Tarantula Minifigures. But what’s better than a set with two crazy obscure villains? How about a set with three crazy obscure villains! Enter the LEGO Batman Movie Riddler Riddle Racer 70903 set… with Calendar Man, Kite Man and more!

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LEGO Batman Movie Killer Croc Tail-Gator 2017 Set Photos!


We’ve seen teases and leaks of the 2017 LEGO Batman Movie sets for over a month, and it was only a matter of time until official hi-res images appeared. And that time–is now! I’ll be posting my discussions and photo previews of all the LEGO The Batman Movie sets over the next few days, and I’ll begin with one of my favorites (because its name is a pun): the LEGO Batman Movie Killer Croc Tail-Gator!

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LEGO Friends 2017 Sets Heartlake Pizzeria 91311 Photos Preview!


Given that I’ve already talked about two upcoming pizza-related LEGO 2017 sets just in the past few days, you might think that I’m done talking about pizza for the foreseeable future. But just like the rest of us (and the Ninja Turtles), it looks like TLG has pizza on the brain! So not only will we be getting two pizza delivery sets this winter, but a place to make those pizzas: the LEGO Friends 2017 Heartlake Pizzeria 41311 set!

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LEGO Batman Movie Clayface Splat & Scarecrow Sets Revealed!


Ordinarily I like to wait until we get hi-res photos before previewing upcoming sets, but a couple of sets were revealed via being found in stores this week that are just screaming to be talked about. These sets include the first-ever LEGO Clayface figure–which happens to be brick-built and totally awesome–and three sets that can combine together into one…

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LEGO 2017 Creator Mighty Dinosaurs 31058 Set Photos!


Yesterday I kicked off my previews of the 2017 sets with my favorite City set in quite some time: the Pizza Van! Today, let’s switch gears and check out this winter’d addition to the LEGO Creator theme’s popular series of buildable animals. If you were hoping for more cutesy animals you might be disappointed, because this winter TLG is going primal with the LEGO Mighty Dinosaurs 31058 set, featuring a fearsome raptor that can be rebuilt into two other dinos…

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2017 LEGO City Pizza Van 60150 Set Photos Preview!


The time is upon us at last! In just a few short weeks, collectors will be able to march into their favorite retail stores and prance home with fresh bags full of plastic joy–AKA LEGO 2017 sets! As we count down to this momentous occasion, I’ll be doing my annual previews every day and looking at some of the hottest 2017 LEGO sets. And the first set on my docket is what I expect will be the best-selling set from Winter 2017 LEGO City: Pizza Van 60150!

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LEGO Sets Retiring: Ewok Village Pet Shop Opera House & More!


There are quite a few sets that we’ve all suspected would be retiring “soon” for a while now, including the long-produced LEGO Pet Shop Modular Building and the recently-discounted LEGO Ewok Village & Jawa Sandcrawler sets. And now, the rumors are proven true–the UK LEGO Shop has confirmed the retirement of some very popular exclusive sets, including LEGO Ideas, Creator, Star Wars and more! Time to order your LEGO Creator Pet Shop and more online before they’re gone forever!

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December 2016 LEGO Store Calendar: Gingerbread Man! Moana!


There may still be another two months and change left in 2016, but another year of LEGO Store Calendars has now come and gone. That’s right–ahead of schedule, the December 2016 LEGO Store Calendar has now been officially posted online in glorious hi-res form! And while the December calendars are ofttimes are a bit dull, that’s not the case this year at all: the first LEGO Moana set is revealed on this calendar, early 2017 set releases are announced… and the controversial return of the Gingerbread Man minifigure as a promo!

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2017 LEGO DC Super Hero Girls Sets Revealed & Photos!


Yesterday I talked about the three new LEGO Batman Movie sets that TLG debuted yesterday in advance of NYCC 2016–but those aren’t the only superhero-related sets to premiere this week! Though it’s a line that I fully expect to be very, very divisive among brick fans, the first three LEGO DC Super Hero Girls sets have now been revealed… with Harley Quinn, Batgirl, and Supergirl minidolls! 41231 Harley Quinn’s Cafe … Continue Reading →