October 2016 LEGO Store Calendar! Free Advent Calendar!

By this late in the month, the newest LEGO Store Calendar has usually popped up online. But because of the fact that the Death Star is still meant to be under wraps and hasn’t been officially revealed at the moment (though that starship has clearly sailed), TLG hasn’t posted the usual hi-res images of the October 2016 LEGO Store Calendar just yet. Thankfully, though, a low-res version of the calendar has appeared, confirming the Death Star, Double VIP Points, and one of the most unique free promos ever: an exclusive Holiday Countdown Calendar!

October 2016 LEGO Store Calendar

It looks like October 2016 is going to be another high-octane thrill ride as TLG gears up for another blockbuster holiday season!

Not only will the new (well, refreshed, if not exactly “new”) LEGO Star Wars Death Star set be making its debut on September 30th for non-VIPs, but it’ll be followed up on October 1st with the release of the Winter Holiday Train set for non-VIP Winter Village builders everywhere!

But of course, what collectors are really excited about it.

Free Exclusive LEGO Holiday Countdown Calendar Promo SetThe biggest news on thes calendar is definitely a totally unexpected promo for October: the free LEGO Holiday Countdown Calendar! I don’t believe TLG has ever given us a free gift with anywhere near 24 tiny builds before, so this is pretty exciting stuff!

Blowing up the one available image, I can spot a reindeer, a fireplace, a Christmas tree, a snowman, two birds on a base, a candy cane, a wrapped present and a plane. Can you spot any other mini-builds in the preview, sharp-eyed readers?

LEGO Store Double VIP Points October 2016While I’m reasonably sure that the majority will be pleased with the exclusive Holiday Countdown Calendar promo, there’s one other thing going on in October that I know everybody will like: Double VIP Points for the entire month of October 2016!

Time to get that Christmas shopping started early (and before all of the hottest sets are wiped out)!

LEGO Werewolf Mini Monthly Model Build October 2016

On October 4th and 5th, the VIP Monthly Mini Model Build will take place (make sure you pre-register in September!). This month it’s… well, I’m told it’s a LEGO Werewolf Mini Model. I’m, uh, not really blown away by this one (which is fine, since I’m too old to be eligible for the event anyway). This looks more like some sort of deformed anthropomorphic cat to me than anything else (Scratchy from the Simpsons, anyone?).

And on October 1st, a new Pick-A-Brick Penguin model will be available to build via pieces on the Pick & Build wall. Awwwww! It’s got a baby with it! LOVE IT!!

LEGO Penguin Pick A Brick ModelI’ll post an update once the hi-res images of both the front and back of the LEGO Store October 2016 Calendar have been posted online, so be sure to follow the Brick Toy News Facebook and Twitter Pages to have alerts and photos sent straight to your favorite social media platform. I, for one, can’t wait to see more high-resolution photos of that exclusive LEGO Holiday Countdown Calendar!

Based off what we’ve seen of it so far (which should be all of the major happenings and promotions), how’s October 2016 looking to you, brick fans? Will you be heading to your local LEGO Store to make any $99 (or $499) purchases come October 1st, or has TLG missed the mark with you in October?


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  1. I’m so happy there will be an advent calendar for free! I have three kids and get the Lego City set for my son, the Lego Friends set for my oldest daughter, and my youngest daughter had to make due with a Play-doh advent calendar last year (which does not have the same awesomeness as a lego advent calendar. This year they will each get their own! Yay! Thank you for sharing information about t