March 2016 LEGO Store Calendar: Polybags & Double Points!

2016 has gotten off to a bit of a slow start as far as LEGO Store promotions go, with most of the focus being on the Nexo Knights to kick off the year. But in March 2016, things are about to get more interesting with two free polybag promos (including a rare Duplo polybag!), as well as a Double VIP Points period, an adorable Mini Monthly Model Build and more: the March LEGO Store Calendar is now online!

March 2016 LEGO Store Calendar

I’m trying hard to get behind the Nexo Knights theme that’s replacing my beloved Legends of Chima this year, but despite TLG’s best efforts at promoting Nexo Knights, I’m just not there yet. And frankly, seeing Nexo Knights pushed so hard while other themes basically get ignored was sort of getting on my nerves.

Thankfully, the LEGO Store March 2016 Calendar shows that later this winter, it’ll be time to move on and give some other themes the promotional spotlight!

LEGO Ninjago Kai's Mini Dragon 30422 Polybag PromoThe “main” promotion for 3/2016 is going to be a never-before released Ninjago polybag: Kai’s Mini Dragon! The dragon is a wee bit derpy looking, but with his big ol’ bug-like eyes and translucent flaming wings, I think he’s actually rather sweet.

The Ninjago Kai’s Mini Dragon will be free with any qualifying purchase of $35 or more from March 1st to 25th. That date range is important, because it’s going to overlap with another “event” I’ll be talking about momentarily…

LEGO Duplo Duck 30321 Free Promo OfferThe other March LEGO Stores polybag is a free Duplo Duck! I’ve been talking about the various promos on these calendars for years now, and I can’t remember the last time there was a Duplo freebie (if ever)!

The Duplo Duck polybag is available with any Duplo purchase from March 1st-25th, and yes–you can combine this promo with Kai’s Dragon by including a Duplo product in your $35 or more purchase.

But wait–! There’s more…

Double LEGO VIP Points March 2016 LEGO StoresFrom March 7-22, VIPs will earn Double VIP Points on all purchases at the LEGO Store! That means that yes, you can not only get both polybags in one purchase–but you can earn double points while doing so!

With the Mighty Micros sets and the rest of the LEGO Star Wars Winter 2016 sets expected to be on shelves by March 1st (plus many collectors still waiting to buy the uber-expensive Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters and Brick Bank), I anticipate this being a highly lucrative Double VIP Points period for TLG!

LEGO Bunny March 2016 Mini Monthly Model BuildThe first 2016 Monthly Mini Model Build that I’ve really fallen in love with is the Bunny Rabbit that VIP Kids will be able to build on March 1st and 2nd. Sign-up starts February 15th, so don’t forget to register for the mini-build before the list fills up!

New LEGO Sets Available March 2016As is the norm, the back of the March LEGO Store calendar is pretty barren. It does confirm that the new Minecraft and Ninjago sets will be available “on” March 1st, although I genuinely expect to see all three themes stocked in stores in the second half of February 2016 (we can’t wait to get that Minecraft Ocelot!).

There’s also an Easter Egg hunt going on, where kids can find bricks hidden around the store and earn a free sticker sheet (it’s unknown exactly what kind of stickers are going to be on the sticker sheet, but I’d assume something spring/Easter-themed). Not something most of us old-timers may be interested in, but great fun for the kiddos!

LEGO Store March 2016 Calendar BackOverall, I think that this is the strongest month we’ve had to look forward to yet this year, and I’ll be looking forward to snagging quite a few sets with double points–and that sweet little Mini Dragon!

What do you think of the LEGO Stores March 2016 Calendar festivities, brick fans? Are you psyched about either of the free promos or the Bunny mini monthly model build? What–if anything–are you planning to snag with the double VIP Points in March?

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