LEGO Summer 2017 Sets: Modular Family Villa 31069 Photos!

The focus of my LEGO Summer 2017 sets photo previews thus far has been primarily licensed sets, so today let’s step back today and take a look at a set that’s about as unlicensed as you can get. It’s the Grand Poohbah of the classic-styled LEGO Creator Summer 2017 sets, and a set that had three awesome possible builds–it’s the LEGO Modular Family Villa 31069!

LEGO Creator Modular Family Villa 31069

I never really cared for non-licensed, non-action LEGO sets when I was growing up, but as an adult I’ve come to perhaps love the simple 3-in-1 nature of the Creator theme more than almost any other theme. Seeing the new summer Creator sets is a highlight for me each year at Toy Fair, and TLG impressed me again with their range of Creator sets this year!

I’ll talk about the smaller Creator sets soon, but right now let’s check out The Big Guy: the $70 Modular Family Villa LEGO set.

31069 LEGO Modular Family Villa Summer 2017 SetThe Modular Family Villa has three builds, and this time I think the default one is actually the least appealing of the trio by a landslide: a plain old family house.

Interior of LEGO 31069 Modular Family VillaAs is usually the case with medium-priced large Creator sets like this one, the interior of the house is pretty plain. It’s not barren, but it’s definitely a fixer-upper!

Toy Fair 2017 LEGO Creator Sets Modular Family VillaIt’s got two floors and a garage, and while cute, it doesn’t quite catch my interest in the same way as the alternate builds.

LEGO 31069 Brick Built DogLike any good family, the Minifigures living in the Modular Family Villa have a dog–and a doghouse for it to live in! (I don’t believe I’ve ever known anyone in my life whose dog lived outside in a doghouse, mind you, but I’ve seen it on TV.)

Side View of LEGO Modular Family Villa 31069 SetI was a little put off by the brick-built nature of the dog when I first saw it, but I’ve actually warmed up to the charming simplicity of the little pup a lot since seeing his at the 2017 Toy Fair. His brown slope ears and yellow collar? Awwww!

LEGO 31069 Modular Family Villa Ranch House Alternate BuildThe first alternate build is a one-story ranch house. I’m not used to seeing a one-floor house like this in brick form, so this caught my interest immediately. I love the screened-in patio on this version of the villa and the little pool in back!

New York Toy Fair 2017 LEGO Creator Modular Family Villa Apartment Building Alternate BuildLast but not least, the Modular Family Villa 31069 can be rebuilt into what looks like a little apartment building! A lot of families live in apartments, so the inclusion of this build makes total sense to me. This configuration actually looks the most opulent to me of all three possibilities.

31069 LEGO Creator Modular Family Villa Price Release DateWhat you don’t get with this set is a lot of Minifigures. There’s generic Mom, Dad and Child Minifigures included with this set, along with brick-built dog and duck. You might need to add some complementary minifigs from other sets to spice this up a little.

The LEGO 31069 Modular Family Villa set will contain 728 pieces and retail for $69.99. At 9.6 cents per piece, that passes my ideal value benchmark of 10 cents per piece, so the retail price of this Creator set gets the thumbs up from me.

2017 Toy Fair LEGO Modular Family Villa Box 31069The LEGO Creator Modular Family Villa 31069 will be released online and in stores officially on August 1st 2017. I’ll post links to the official photos and also to order the set on the Brick Toy News Twitter and Facebook Pages once available, so stay tuned to our social media for more on this year’s headliner Creator set.

What do you think of the 31069 LEGO Modular Family Villa, brick fans? Which configuration of the home do you like the best, and is this a set that you’re interested in bringing into your home this summer?


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  1. Very excited for this set. My brother and I have a LEGO town, so these kinds of sets are our very favorite. We will probably buy one fairly early and then hope that it goes on sale for our 2nd (and possibly) 3rd purchase. We would only buy a 2nd and 3rd to build the alternatives. There are so many Minifigures in our town and so few homes. This set will help…somewhat.