LEGO Star Wars Summer 2016 Star Scavenger Set Photos!

Believe it or not, there are still Summer 2016 LEGO sets that I took photos of at the New York Toy Fair 2016 almost two months ago and still haven’t talked about. And doubly shocking is that a few of those aforementioned sets are from the Star Wars theme! That ends now, though, as tonight I’m discussing the Eclipse Fighter on my Star Wars blog, and over here the main ship from this year’s Freemaker Adventures cartoon: the LEGO Star Wars Star Scavenger 75147!

LEGO Star Wars Star Scavenger 75147 Box

I used to think that it was a little bit weird that TLG produces sets based off of original ship designs and characters from their own LEGO Star Wars cartoons, but they’ve been doing so off and on for a few years now, so clearly the demand is there for these types of non-canonical sets.

And the newest non-canon additions to the theme will be coming from this summer’s Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures Animated Series!

LEGO 75147 Minifigures Freemakers Roger DroidThe main characters of this series, the three scavenger siblings that make up the Freemaker family, will be the central focus of The Freemaker Adventures. And if you want to complete the whole family–including their faithful (Battle) Droid–all you’ll need to purchase is one set: the 75147 Star Scavenger!

LEGO Star Wars Freemaker Adventures MinifiguresThe LEGO StarScavenger 75147 includes four Minifigures: Kordi, Zander and Rowan Freemaker; as well as their pet Battle Droid Roger (RO-GR).

I’ve always wanted to be able to cheer for Battle Droids, so I’m excited to see Roger the Battle Droid placed in a non-evil role in this story.

LEGO Star Wars Rowan and Zander MinifiguresWe still know very little about the personalities of the members of the Freemaker family, but their character designs at least look promising. I wish I looked as cool as Rowan when I was a kid!

LEGO Star Wars Freemaker Adventures Kordi and Roger Battle Droid MinifiguresMeanwhile, I can’t be the only one who thinks Kordi’s circular saw is one of the scariest weapons ever in a brick set, can I?

LEGO Freemaker Adventures Star Scavenger VehicleThe main component of this set isn’t the Minifigures, of course–it’s the large ship that makes up the Freemakers’ home. The Star Scavenger is exactly what it sounds like: a scavenger starship.

LEGO Star Scavenger 75147 SpaceshipThe StarScavenger certainly isn’t the prettiest ship I’ve ever seen, but it has a unique shape and I’m looking forward to seeing more of the features of the ship revealed.

LEGO 75147 Price Release Date PlacardThe LEGO Star Wars Star Scavenger will be priced at $49.99 for 558 pieces, which works out to be a very fair and solid value of under 9 cents per piece for a Star Wars set!

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’d be a far happier (and richer!) collector if all of the Star Wars sets were priced at less than 9 cents per piece!

LEGO Star Wars Summer 2016 Sets StarScavenger 75147Both of the Star Wars Freemaker Adventures sets are part of the Summer 2016 sets wave, and are scheduled to be released in June 2016. That means that we may start seeing early-released copies of this set as soon as next month! Time to start saving your credits!

What do you think of the primary heroic set from the LEGO Star Wars Freemaker Adventures, brick fans? Are you intrigued enough to want to add this set to your summer shopping list, or are you taking a wait-and-see approach with merch from this upcoming animated series?


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  1. In the original press release I think they said the show is cannonical.