Toys R Us LEGO Star Wars Mini Millennium Falcon Set Info!

May the 4th 2016 is a bit weird in that it falls on a Wednesday–precisely in the middle of the week, and in an unenviable position for stores looking to merchandise and capitalize on the event. As a result, the LEGO Store May the 4th sale this year began on the last day of April (April the Fourth Be With You?), and Toys R Us stores in the United States and Canada are having their event during separate weeks. And while Canada had this fun, free LEGO Mini Millennium Falcon model build yesterday, U.S. stores will be getting it next weekend…

LEGO Star Wars Toys R Us Event May 7 2016 Flyer

While I think everyone is a lot happier in the years when Star Wars Day (May the 4th) falls on a weekend, that is just not the case in 2016. In fact, with May the 4th 2016 falling on a Wednesday, Star Wars Day belongs as much to next weekend as it does to this one.

As such, Toys R Us stores in the United States will be celebrating Star Wars Day next Saturday (May 7th 2016), whereas Toys R Us stores in Canada already had Star Wars day. Weird, huh?

The main event of the Toys R Us Star Wars Day event this year is a miniature build of a LEGO Millennium Falcon. It’s only 44 pieces, but it’s also fun and free–and what kid is gonna say “no” to a free Millennium Falcon, right?

Toys R Us LEGO Millennium Falcon Promo InstructionsLuckily for us adult folks who are tired of being given the hair eyebrow and scowl from Toys R Us employees when we ask to participate in these LEGO events (and are subsequently denied), Canada’s own Dean Pasloski attended the event already yesterday and was nice enough to give us permission here on Brick Toy News to post his photographs of the complete Mini LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon Instructions!

Parts List for Toys R Us Millennium Falcon LEGO Set BuildThese are all pretty common pieces, so I imagine many AFOLs will already have many of these pieces lying around and can build this mini Falcon instantly. And if not, all of these pieces are pretty cheap to Bricklink!

Mini LEGO Star Wars Millenium Falcon Toys R Us EventBut for those who have kiddos that want to participate in the event absolutely free, all Toys R Us stores in the United States will be hosting their Star Wars Day events on Saturday, May 7 2016 from noon to 2PM EST. Stores tend to run out of builds fast, though, so I’d definitely recommend arriving early!

In addition to the Mini LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon, a Star Wars booklet and poster will also be available for kids at the Toys R Us Star Wars event (although the poster will require kids to participate in some sort of clue hunt).

Mini Milennium Falcon Toys R Us LEGO Event BuildAnyone out there planning to attend this year’s Toys R Us Star Wars Day event with their kids (or for themselves), or is this year’s free mini Millennium Falcon model just too simple to generate excitement for you? And for those who have already attended the event in Canada: Did you have fun? Do you recommend your U.S. neighbor AFOLs check out this event for themselves?


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