LEGO Star Wars Jakku Quadjumper 75178 Summer 2017 Set!

Remember that awesome scene in the first hour of Star Wars The Force Awakens where Finn and Rey are running toward a Quadjumper on Jakku, but it gets blown up and they’re forced to escape in the “garbage” Millennium Falcon instead? This summer, we’ll all get the chance to rewrite history and give that ship its moment in the sun: the LEGO Star Wars Jakku Quadjumper 75178 is part of the LEGO Star Wars Summer 2017 sets wave!

LEGO Star Wars Jakku Quadjumper 75178 Summer 2017 Set

One of the main criticisms I hear from many fans about Star Wars Episode VII is that it didn’t create much in the way of new ships, instead opting to feature mainly old favorites like X-Wings, TIE Fighters and the Milennium Falcon.

With that in mind, it’s kind of funny that one of the new designs from the movie–the Quadjumper–gets blown up after barely a few seconds of screen time. But hey, at least now the Jakku Quadjumper will be immortalized forever later this year–as a LEGO set!

Back of 75178 Jakku Quadjumper LEGO SetI had heard prior to the New York Toy Fair 2017 that a LEGO Quadjumper vehicle was on the way for later this year, but as photos weren’t allowed prior to NY Toy Fair and the Quadjumper literally only exists to explode in The Force Awakens, I was actually a little surprised to see the set in front of me last month.

New York Toy Fair 2017 Jakku Quadjumper LEGO Set FrontFor a vehicle that does zero in the movie, this build looks surprisingly fun and unique. I look the fresh look of the cockpit to this ship–it looks really neat compared to what we’re used to!

LEGO Star Wars Jakku Quadjumper 75178 Minifigures Rey Finn BB-8LEGO 75178 Jakku Quadjumper will include five Minifigures: Finn, Rey, BB-8, one of Unkar’s Thugs and a Jakku First Order Stormtrooper with vest.

LEGO Force Awakens Quadjumper Set Side View Toy Fair 2017I know the whole misguided “#WheresRey” campaign was a whole thing last year (for some reason), but with a Jakku Rey minifigure showing up yet again in this set, a better question to ask soon might be “Where isn’t Rey?” Heh.

LEGO Star Wars Summer 2017 Sets Quadjumper Price Release Date

None of these characters are exclusive to this set at all, so this is an instance where the minifigure selection is a bit unlikely to make a set a hot seller.

And speaking of not being a hot seller–the 75178 LEGO Star Wars Jakku Quadjumper will contain 457 pieces and retail for $49.99. That’s a below average value of nearly 11 cents per piece for a set containing no new characters and a vehicle that’s one of the most obscure LEGO has ever done from a Star Wars movie. As cool as it is, I fear this set has “shelf warmer destined for heavy discount” written all over it.

Toy Fair 2017 LEGO Star Wars Jakku Quadjumper BoxThe LEGO Star Wars Summer 2017 sets will be available for order online and in stores officially in June 2017. I’ll post the hi-res official photos of this set to the site once TLG posts them, as we get closer to the release of the summer sets wave.

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What do you think of the Jakku Quadjumper LEGO set, brick fans? Are you interested in adding this vehicle to your collection, or is this ship just too obscure for your tastes? And for that matter, are there any Episode VII vehicles or scenes that haven’t been done yet you’d like to see in brick form?


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  1. No exclusive characters and a vehicle that only appeared in the movie to explode… Terrible idea for a set. Why not make a Starkiller duel set, with Rey, Finn and Kylo Ren?