LEGO Star Wars 2017 Sets Photos: Rogue One Microfighters!

Earlier today I discussed the main four upcoming LEGO Star Wars 2017 Rogue One sets that are due out in January over on my Star Wars blog, but I saved a little something that’s likely to appeal just to us brick fans for Brick Toy News. Though the style took some getting used to, the Star Wars Microfighters sets are the highly-successful low-priced Star Wars line that TLG was looking for for years, and this winter Microfighters Series 4 arrives, filled with Rogue One vehicles such as Krennic’s Imperial Shuttle, the TIE Striker, a Y-Wing and more!


First up–and probably most noteworthy of this batch of Micro-Fighters sets–is the “new” 75162 Y-Wing Micro-Fighter. You’ll notice that I put “new” in quotes, as a very similar Y-Wing Microfighter build was previously released, and I’m not all that convinced that this build is different enough to warrant its own release.

I’m digging that Y-Wing Pilot minifigure a lot, especially his rocking Rebel helmet! I think this set may actually prove very popular with army-builders as well as kids, as it’s the “brightest” of the new sets and also features an iteration of a legendary Original Trilogy vehicle.

75160-lego-star-wars-2017-u-wing-micro-fighters-boxNext up we’ve got the 75160 U-Wing Microfighter set, featuring the first new “-Wing” in many years! As the primary new Rebel ship in the “Rogue One” movie, I’m sure that this set is going to sell just fine to kids, although I’m somewhat disappointed that we’re getting a generic U-Wing Pilot minifigure instead of a Bodhi Rook minifigure–not everyone who wants to complete the band of rebels from the movie is going to want to buy the $90 Krennic’s Shuttle set in order to do so. Even so, this set has another rockin’ helmet.

And speaking of Director Krennic’s Shuttle…


On the Imperial side, we’ve got two remixed versions of old favorite vehicles coming our way in stylized Micro-Fighters form this winter. First up, there’s the LEGO 75163 Krennic’s Imperial Shuttle Microfighter set, which looks comically like a flying throne (Emperor Palpatine would look right at home flying around on this, don’t you think?). The set comes with a generic Imperial Shuttle Pilot minifigure, as TLG obviously wasn’t going to give us Krennic in a 10 dollar set.

In addition, there’s the 75161 TIE Striker Microfighter with TIE Pilot minifigure. I’m in love with the TIE Striker as the latest entry in the TIE series of starfighters, but this particular version of it looks just a wee bit too stubby and goofy to me. I’m probably going to pass on this set myself (probably).

lego-star-wars-rogue-one-tie-striker-microfighter-boxAll four of these LEGO Star Wars Microfighters Series 4 sets are mass-release and will be available everywhere online, and are expected to be officially released in January 2017. It’s not official yet, but I think we can reasonably assume these will land at the usual MSRP of $9.99 per set. With the low price-point making them perfect impulse buy holiday gifts, I’m sure many chains will get these out on shelves before Christmas if they ship early enough.

Are you happy to see the Series 4 Microfighters, brick fans? I know many were pretty cold to this sub-theme when it was first revealed, but have you warmed up to the idea of these chubby little vehicles since, or are you hoping TLG dumps this line in favor of a new concept soon?

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