LEGO Star Wars 2017 Sets: The Phantom! THRAWN Minifigure!

My preference is always to wait until super hi-resolution official images are available before talking about new sets, but once again there’s a new set circulating that’s just too juicy to not talk about! Star Wars Rebels is getting the shaft this winter in favor of a multitude of sets from Rogue One, but we’ve got at least one Rebels Season 3 set to look forward to–and it’s a good one: the LEGO Star Wars 2017 The Phantom 75170 set with Admiral Thrawn Minifigure!


While we’re already partway through Star Wars Rebels Season 3, we haven’t seen too many recurring vehicles yet that would make for good brick sets. Luckily, there has been one major change to the Rebels’ hangar bay, though: the original Phantom was destroyed early in the season and replaced with an all-new model!

And as we can’t possibly skip one of the protagonists’ two main vehicles from the show, the new-and-improved 75170 The Phantom set will be arriving into our homes (and our hearts) later on this winter!

lego-2017-the-phantom-rebels-set Not only will this set give us an updated and more colorful brick-built Phantom shuttlecraft (with everyone’s favorite grumpy astromech droid, Chopper, once again), but we’re also getting perhaps the two most important new additions from Rebels Season 3: a masked, blinded Kanan Jarrus minifigure and the debut of a LEGO Admiral Thrawn minifigure!


We’ve only got a small image of the Thrawn minifig to work with thus far, but I’m a little bit disappointed that TLG decided to give Admiral Thrawn standard black eyes instead of his iconic red eyes. It’s probably too late for this to be changed, but I’m hoping that TLG caught their mistake and made the revision to give Thrawn red eyes after taking these photos. The black eyes simply look wrong on him.

Meanwhile, I’m pleased–but surprised–that we’re getting a blind Kanan minifigure this early! Not even Hasbro has released a blinded Kanan action figure yet, and as the injury is a bit gruesome, it’s surprising that LEGO isn’t backing away from releasing this minifig. Way to go, TLG!

2017-lego-star-wars-the-phantom-set-with-admiral-thrawn-minifigThe 75170 LEGO Star Wars Phantom set is part of the Winter 2017 LEGO Star Wars wave that will be available online and in stores this spring, although it’s a little unclear exactly when the set will actually be landing in stores. Last winter, only The Force Awakens sets arrived in stores in January, so it’s possible that this set won’t make its appearance in the United States until February/March. Then again, maybe it’ll arrive on time in January! We really don’t know. Stay tuned to the Brick Toy News Facebook Page and Twitter Feed for more.

What do you think of the first-ever official Grand Admiral Thrawn LEGO minifigure, brick fans? Are you buying this set just for Thrawn, for the updated Rebels Season 3 Kanan Jarrus and Phantom vehicle, or maybe passing on this Star Wars Rebels vehicle altogether?


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  1. Thrawn actually does have red eyes, as recently-released higher resolution versions of these set images have shown; it’s just that these pictures low resolution muddle that.