LEGO Sets Retiring: Ewok Village Pet Shop Opera House & More!

There are quite a few sets that we’ve ¬†all suspected would be retiring “soon” for a while now, including the long-produced LEGO Pet Shop Modular Building and the recently-discounted LEGO Ewok Village & Jawa Sandcrawler sets. And now, the rumors are proven true–the UK LEGO Shop has confirmed the retirement of some very popular exclusive sets, including LEGO Ideas, Creator, Star Wars and more! Time to order your LEGO Creator Pet Shop and more online before they’re gone forever!


When Amazon shocked the collecting world with large price drops on the LEGO Star Wars Ewok Village and Jawa Sandcrawler sets–price drops that were previously prohibited–I had my suspicions that the writing was on the wall and the end was near for both of those sets’ lifespans.

One week later, I know for sure that I was correct, as the LEGO [email protected] UK web store has now added the ever-popular “Retiring Soon” banners to some very beloved sets…

lego-sets-retiring-soon-doctor-who-sandcrawler-wall-eThe following eight major sets are now confirmed to be retiring soon:

  • LEGO Star Wars Sandcrawler 75059
  • LEGO Doctor Who 21304
  • LEGO Wall-E 21303
  • LEGO Ghostbusters Ecto-1 21108
  • LEGO Ewok Village 10236
  • LEGO Sydney Opera House 10234
  • LEGO Pet Shop 10218
  • LEGO The Big Bang Theory 21302

lego-pet-shop-10218-modular-buildingThe LEGO Creator Pet Shop 10218 has been rumored to be retiring for well over a year now, so I’m not even a tiny bit surprised to see that it’s finally giving up the ghost. With the new modular building due out in just two months, I don’t think anyone’s really shocked by this development.

I am, however, very surprised to see some of the more recent releases such as The Big Bang Theory, Wall-E and Doctor Who going out of production so quickly. I wonder if the sales numbers on these licensed sets somehow ended up disappointing TLG…?

lego-sydney-opera-house-10234-boxAll of these sets are still available to order online with free shipping and some discounts right now, although as they now carry the “Retiring Soon” label, it’s likely that the sets won’t be replenished for much longer once the existing stock is sold through. If you’ve been waiting on snagging any of these sets, you might not want to procrastinate any longer–once the Pet Shop, Sydney Opera House, Ewok Village and such sell through, I expect them to become very expensive on the aftermarket.

What do you think of the eight sets that have been confirmed for retirement today, brick fans? Are you sad to finally see the Pet Shop go, worried about missing the Sydney Opera House, or shocked to see the Wall-E and Doctor Who sets retiring so early?


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  1. As sad as it is that sets like Wall-E, the TARDIS, and the Big Bang Theory are retiring, I believe that the case is exactly as you said, I don’t think the sales were as good on them. And I’m wondering is it because they are niche and fairly uncommon, like the Wall-E set, which probably would sell in high numbers to kids?