LEGO Marvel 2017 Sets: Captain America Jet Pursuit! Ms Marvel!

I started out my coverage of the winter LEGO Marvel 2017 Sets with a photos preview of the LEGO Iron Man Detroit Steel Showdown with Coulson and Lola the Flying Car earlier today on my Marvel blog, but I’m going to move coverage back over here to discuss the final two sets in the small winter wave (with Guardians of the Galaxy 2 sets scheduled to hit in the spring, of course). One of the more bizarre Marvel sets ever brings us one of the most unique new Marvel characters–it’s the LEGO Captain America Jet Pursuit 76076 set with Ms. Marvel minifigure!


I’m gonna be frank: I’m getting a little bit tired of getting all these $20-$30 small-sized jet sets that are being so frequently put out that they are honestly all starting to feel pretty much the same. I mean, really–did we need another Marvel set like this when the Black Panther Pursuit set is less than a year old?

But hey, if TLG was¬†gonna make another “Jet Pursuit”-type set for Winter 2017 (and clearly they were so inclined), at least they’ve gone all-out crazy with one of wackiest-looking Super Heroes sets that they’ve ever created, right? Let’s take a look…

lego-captain-america-jet-vehicle-76076The primary component of the 76076 LEGO Captain America Jet Pursuit set is, of course, Captain America’s jet. It’s a little, uh… strange… with its patriotic red, white and blue color scheme and the ability to fire “Captain America shield” discs (no, really).

As a toy and from a visual perspective, this Captain America Jet is really fun, and I imagine kids will love it. At the same time, I think it’s pretty ludicrous-looking, and it’s not really something I’d want on my shelf.

lego-super-adaptoid-minifigure-with-falcon-wingsThat said, the set does come with a couple things I do want on my set, and those are new character minifigures!

First up, we’ve got the villain: a Super-Adaptoid minifigure. Rather than the classic green look, TLG opted for a silver-white version of the Adaptoid–not my favorite iteration, but there’s no denying it looks cool visually. Super-Adaptoid has apparently absorbed Falcon’s wings, Iron Man’s effect pieces and the ability to hold Captain America’s shield.


Of course, the real headliner of this set is the minifigure debut of one of the hottest and most popular Marvel characters of the past decade: Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan! Funko beat TLG to the punch by releasing the first-ever Kamala Khan figure earlier this month as a Walgreens exclusive, but it looks like the LEGO Kamala Khan will be the first mass-released figure of her.

I think the LEGO Ms. Marvel minifigure looks fantastic and I love her unique stretchy arms, but I know plenty of collectors will hate the fact that this minifig apparently includes no regular arms. Weird, weird choice.

And speaking of weird: Pilot Captain America minifigure wearing aviator goggles and a brown pilot jacket. I’ve got no words for this one.

76076-lego-marvel-2017-captain-america-jet-pursuit-ms-marvel-minifigureThe LEGO Marvel Captain America Jet Pursuit 76076 set is scheduled to be released in Q1 2017, with an estimated January release for most countries. However, the price, piece count and exact release date are unconfirmed at this time. I’ll update the Brick Toy News Facebook and Twitter Pages once we know the specific details for this set.

What do you think of one of the oddest Marvel sets ever, brick fans? Does anything in this set appeal to you, and are you planning to scoop one up? How do you feel about Kamala Khan coming without standard arms?


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  1. This set is from the “Avengers Assemble” tv show that is on Disney… The super adaptoid is from that show as is the “pilot” captain america fig… I forget which episode exactly, but He’s in there.

    This is also where that Iron Skull and his sub and the “Avenjet” sets from this past winter are from.

    I believe that past episodes are still on netflix… they were in September.