LEGO Krypto the Super-Dog 30546 Polybag Released!

While sets in the new LEGO DC Superhero Girls theme have only been available for a month, the line seems to be off to a hot start sales-wise. And this winter, TLG has now released a polybag that’s likely to appeal even to collectors who aren’t crazy about minidolls. This polybag will be available as a free promo from the LEGO Store next month, but if you just can’t wait (like me!), the LEGO Krypto Saves The Day 30546 polybag set has now been released for sale at Toys R Us!

LEGO Krypto Saves The Day 30456 Polybag Set

Traditionally, I’m not a big Superman fan. The character is just a bit too “vanilla” and “Boy Scout” for my tastes, so I don’t buy a whole lot of Superman toys. That said, there’s at least one member of the Superman family that I’m head-over-heels for. No, it’s not Supergirl–my favorite is of the adorable, furry variety: Krypto… the Super-Dog!

So when I heard about a LEGO Krypto polybag, I knew it was time to hit my local Toys R Us store every day until it arrived–which turned out to be today!

2017 LEGO 30546 Krypto Saves The Day Set ReleasedThe LEGO 30546 Krypto Saves The Day set includes a Krypto the Superdog figure with a little flying plane/platform, along with an evil green Kryptomite figure with a flying pack. As a Krytonian, Krypto is weak to green Kryptomites, so he’d better watch out!

UPC Shelf Tag for LEGO DC Superhero Girls Krypto Polybag

The polybagged set contains 55 pieces and retails for just $3.99, which is a great value of just over seven cents per piece–especially for a character that’s new to polybags like Krypto. This set also might be a good purchase for anyone

My Toys R Us got in a whole rack of this 30546 LEGO DC Super Hero Girls Krypto Saves The Day set, but I foresee this set selling through much faster than your typical “girls” polybag sets from the Friends or Elves themes.

free-lego-krypto-saves-the-day-promo-setThose who don’t want to pay anything for this set (sort of) have another option as well: the Krypto LEGO polybag will be a free promo with any DC Super Hero Girls set in February. I’m not planning on buying any Superhero Girls sets from the LEGO Store month (and there was no way I was waiting a month anyway), so I went ahead and forked out four bucks at Toys R Us.

What do you think of the first major LEGO DC Superhero Girls polybag set, brick fans? Will you be buying this polybag, aiming to snag it for free in February, or passing on the Super-Dog altogether?

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