LEGO Geoffrey & Friends 40228 Toys R Us Giraffe Set!

The unexpected discovery of a totally out-of-the-blue new promotional LEGO set is usually cause for much excitement and celebration. But, well… there are exceptions to every rule, and this may be such an exception. Parental discretion is advised, because this set may give some readers nightmares: the Toys R Us exclusive LEGO Geoffrey & Friends 40228 set has now been revealed!

LEGO 40228 Geoffrey & Friends Box Back


That’s… pretty much a complete summary of my feelings on this LEGO Geoffrey Giraffe promo set!

Earlier this week, the official German Toys R Us website posted photos and a description out of nowhere for the rumored Geoffrey Giraffe LEGO set. And while I’m a Toys R Us kid for life… I don’t think I can un-see this scary set.

LEGO Toys R Us Geoffrey Giraffe and Friends Set Box 40228The LEGO 40228 Geoffrey and Friends set includes a pretty large brick-built Geoffrey Giraffe figure, as well as a pair of (Toys R Us) Kids Minifigures. While I always can use more short legs, the kids are nothing special–all of their parts are readily available elsewhere in other common set.

I mean, the good news here is that Toys R Us fanboys (do such things exist?) can finally build an official model of the Toys R Us mascot, Geoffrey Giraffe. Geoffrey utilizes the micro-joints popularized in the highly-successful Mixels theme, so he’s got a lot of flexibility and posing options.

It’s tough to tell from the images if the stars on Geoffrey are printed bricks or stickers–if they’re printed bricks, I think that’s the coolest part of this build by far.

40228 LEGO Geoffrey Giraffe & Friends Toys R Us Mascot

The bad news is that this 40228 LEGO Geoffrey and Friends is perhaps the single creepiest set I’ve ever seen. Seriously: this set is the stuff of nightmares. Geoffrey looking the way he does… hugging those kids the way he is in the images… I don’t know. The whole thing just gives me the creeps.

Unless this set is being given out as a free promo–and there’s a more than reasonable chance that it will be, seeing as how this is a Toys R Us exclusive promotional set–Geoffrey & Friends is gonna be a big pass for me. If your kids like Toys R Us, you may want to avoid giving them this set, because after seeing this giraffe mascot they may not like it anymore!

LEGO Geoffrey & Friends 40228 SetLEGO Geoffrey & Friends 40228 is currently up for order in Germany, where the set which contains 133 pieces is retailing for 9,99€ and has a limit of two-per-person (wait, people may actually want more than one of these?!). There’s currently no information on when this set will be released domestically, but I would be astonished (unfortunately) if the U.S. Toys R Us stores don’t get this set during the summer.

I’ll post updates to the Brick Toy News Twitter and Facebook Pages once more release information is revealed for this set, so be sure to follow our social media pages for updates.

What do you think of the newest promo set on the block, brick fans? Is this brick-built giraffe a sweetheart… or the unintentional creepiest LEGO build ever…?


LEGO Geoffrey & Friends 40228 Toys R Us Giraffe Set! — 2 Comments

  1. My nephew is obsessed with legos, he has them all over the house. I’m sure that he’d love this giraffe lego as well. I’m trying to look up other type of legos as well for his birthday next month.

  2. Not the first Geoffrey brick-built set. There was a polybag Geoffrey a few years back, set 40077.