LEGO Friends 2017 Sets Heartlake Pizzeria 91311 Photos Preview!

Given that I’ve already talked about two upcoming pizza-related LEGO 2017 sets just in the past few days, you might think that I’m done talking about pizza for the foreseeable future. But just like the rest of us (and the Ninja Turtles), it looks like TLG has pizza on the brain! So not only will we be getting two pizza delivery sets this winter, but a place to make those pizzas: the LEGO Friends 2017 Heartlake Pizzeria 41311 set!


Winter 2017 is looking to become the most “pizza-ful” season in LEGO history, as we now know of a whopping three pizza-centric sets coming our way. First (and perhaps best) is the LEGO City Pizza Van set, followed by the LEGO Batman Movie Scarecrow’s Special Delivery set (with Pizza Deivery Man Scarecrow minifigure!).

But for those who want a place to make all that food, TLG has got a set for you, too: the Winter 2017 LEGO Friends Heartlake Pizzeria! It… can’t be a coincidence that these sets are coming out all at once, can it…?

2017-lego-pizzeria-set-friends-41311A lot of collectors instantly spurn any of the sets from the “girls” themes like Friends and Elves, but I think the Heartlake Pizzeria set is one that will have some crossover appeal and sell to some fans who’d ordinarily not buy a set with minidolls.

Even so, I am slightly disappointed with the design of this set. While I do like all of the red, white and green stripes in the decor, no pizza place I’ve been to has ever had a lavender floor, that’s for sure! That base plate is really jarring in this instance.


And speaking of minidolls–the LEGO 91311 Heartlake Pizzeria will include two of them: an Emma minidolls and an Oliver Minidoll!

I didn’t remember ever seeing an “Oliver” in this theme before, so I did some research and came up with nothing. It appears that this is the inaugural LEGO Friends Oliver Minidoll! As such, I don’t know a whole lot about Oliver, but I do know that he’s totally styling with that green shirt and red shorts and shoes!

The retail price and piece count for this set are both still unknown, but we should theoretically know all those details before this set hits stores in a month.

lego-41311-heartlake-pizzeria-box-backThe Heartlake Pizzeria 41311 set is part of the Winter 2017 LEGO Friends sets wave that will be available online and in stores on January 1st 2017 officially. We usually see many of the winter Friends sets unofficially begin to hit stores prior to Christmas, though, and hopefully this set will be no exception!

What do you think of the first LEGO Pizzeria set in years, brick fans? Will you be snapping up your own Heartlake Pizzeria this winter, or are you turned off by the design of this set?

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