LEGO Disney Minifigures Series 1 Figures Hi-Res Photos!

Even though the Cheshire Cat has been out of the bag for weeks now and there was no way to put Aladdin’s Genie back in the lamp (so to speak), TLG had no intention of officially announcing and revealing the 71012 LEGO Disney Minifigures Series 1 figures until the magical day when they were good and ready. And as it turns out–that magical day is today, and now we can get our first official look at glorious, humongous hi-res images of all 18 figures that make up Disney LEGO Minifigures Series 1!

UPDATE 5/1/2016: The LEGO Disney Minifigures 71012 blind bags have been officially released today, and are selling out fast! But if your local stores have all been wiped out already, remember that there’s free shipping on every order from the online LEGO Shop this week, so you can get anywhere from one minifigure up for retail price and zero dollars shipping!

LEGO 71012 Disney Minifigures Series 1

I really feel sort of bad that low-resolution photos of the LEGO Minifigures Disney Series 1 figures leaked out so long ago, because the first look we had at all the figures in this series just did not do them justice.

Luckily, now we can take a second look (and a third look, and a fourth look, and…) at the most-anticipated Minifigures Series in LEGO history, and many of these figures are simply jaw-dropping!

And thankfully, even though these figures required the mega-expensive Disney license to be produced, it’s now confirmed that they’ll still cost the $3.99 MSRP of every other Minifigure Series out there. ::Phew::

LEGO Ursula Minifigure from LEGO Disney Minifigures SeriesI was skeptical of how well Ursula would convert to minifigure form, but it turns out that she looks outright fantastic! She just may be the single best figure in all of LEGO 71012!

I appreciate that TLG created the “tentacle lower torso” overlay for this figure, although I can’t think of any other characters that they’ll ever be able to use it for…

LEGO Stitch Minifigure from LEGO Disney Minifigures SeriesBut while Ursula may be the best figure in the wave, there’s no doubt in my mind that the LEGO Stitch Minifigure is the cutest. Stitch doesn’t come with any accessories, but his unique head mold and adorable fuzzy tummy are good enough for me! If Stitch isn’t the single hardest-to-find figure in this series, I will eat my hat (if I wore a hat–which I do not).

LEGO Cheshire Cat MinifigureThe LEGO Cheshire Cat minifigure came out smashingly as well, although it’s really hard for me to reconcile a bipedal Cheshire Cat in my head. The head and color scheme are dead-on, but Cheshire Cat walking around on two legs will take some getting used to.

LEGO Alice in Wonderland MinifigureThe Alice in Wonderland minifigure looks a lot more exciting than I expected. I love the “Drink Me” bottle! The accessories add so much to this figure!

LEGO Mickey Mouse MinifigureThe LEGO Mickey Mouse minifigure unfortunately looks absolutely awful to me. Mickey’s design really isn’t suitable for block figure form, and it shows! I’m not sure how TLG could have made Mickey Mouse look better as a minifig.

LEGO Minnie Mouse MinifigureMeanwhile, while she still looks far superior to Mickey, I’m really surprised that TLG chose non-classic colors for the Minnie Mouse minifigure! Red, black and yellow Minnie for me, please. 🙁

LEGO Buzz Lightyear Minifigure from Disney Minifigures SeriesBuzz Lightyear of course appeared in the LEGO Toy Story sets some years ago, but this minifigure is “sort of” new in that Buzz has a regular minifigure head now instead of the unique molded head he had before. I like it!!

LEGO Toy Story Alien Minifigure from Disney Minifigures SeriesAnd for army-building purposes, it’s nice to have the Toy Story Alien minifig available as an individual in blind bags as well.

LEGO Disney Minifigures Series Syndrome FigureThere are about four or five hundred Disney characters that I would have rather had before Syndrome, but he really does have a standout, striking color scheme and his Omnidroid Tech readouts accessory looks snazzy.

LEGO Disney Mr. Incredible MinifigureAnd I can see the Mr. Incredible minifigure being one of the hot figures in this wave, as many fans will want to buy four of this figure so that they can make customs of Dash, Violet and Elasti-Girl to complete The Incredibles family.

LEGO Disney Donald Duck MinifigureDonald Duck looks pretty decent, faring better than Mickey and Minnie, thankfully. Again, no accessories included here, but the unique head is the most important thing.

LEGO Disney Daisy Duck MinifigureThe Daisy Duck minifigure is a lot more “plain” than Donald, but that’s thanks to the character design. I wonder if a dress-wearing Daisy minifig would have been a better choice?

LEGO Maleficent MinifigureThe LEGO Maleficent minifigure looks fantastic. TLG absolutely nailed these diabolical villains! I hope we can get Jafar, Gaston, Lotso and more in Disney Minifigures Series 2.

LEGO Captain Hook MinifigureThe Captain Hook minifigure is another must-have, and I don’t even like “Peter Pan”!

LEGO Peter Pan Minifigure from LEGO Disney Minifigures Series 1…Sorry, Peter! No offense!

LEGO Disney Minifigures Series Little Mermaid Ariel FigureThe Little Mermaid Ariel minifigure is going to be another one that’s going to be hot in stores, especially since she’s the only Disney Princess present in this minifigure series. Disappointing that she gets a “pearl” treasure inside of an oyster shell as an accessory instead of coming with a little Flounder or Sebastian, though.

And speaking of missing sidekick animals…

LEGO Aladdin Minifigure from LEGO Disney Minifigures SeriesRounding out the series, we’ve got the LEGO Aladdin and Genie minifigures! Aladdin looks perfect to me, although I’m super bummed that he’s not coming with a little Abu monkey as an accessory. There’s no way Abu should ever come as an individual full-size minifigure down the road, so I fear we’ll never see the thieving monkey now.

The Genie minifig looks pretty good to me as well, but this is an instance where I really wish that TLG had opted for a unique-molded head instead of putting a “hat” on a standard minifigure head. Genie’s ears just look weird to me the way that they’re done here. Otherwise, he looks fantastic.

LEGO Disney Genie MinifigureLEGO Disney Minifigures Series 71012 is scheduled to be released on May 1st 2016, and I suspect that TLG will set a hard street date to keep as few of these figures from leaking out of stores and into collectors hands earlier than they want. I’ll post updates here and to the Brick Toy News Facebook and Twitter pages once the first sightings of these Disney minifigs in stores occur.

Now that you’ve seen the hi-res images of every figure, what do you think of the Disney LEGO Minifigures Series 1? What do you think are the best (and worst) figures in the wave? Will you be picking up all of the figures in this bling bag series, just picking and choosing for your favorites, or skipping out on this wave altogether?


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  1. Absolutley love these being a big disney fan but was wondering if these were going to be available in the united kingdom.

    • If the other LEGO Minifigures series are released in Australia, this set should be too. 🙂

  2. I wish they bought out a marvel minifigure collection. doesnt have to be hard hitters like Cap spider man orso forth. can be 2nd string heroes and villains. id love that

    • Everyone would love that, but LEGO just doesn’t have the license to release Marvel figures without sets, so it’ll never happen. Star Wars is the same problem.

      • What are you talking about? LEGO releases Marvel and Star Wars minifigs as polybags that come free with a certain purchase value, or can be bought separately. There are also Comic-Con-exclusive minifigs.

        • Those are promotional items, which LEGO can do a few of per year, and which the leftover quantities are allowed to be sold of. They cannot sell individual Star Wars or Marvel figures or do a series of them.

  3. I guess they can’t do marvel because marvel itself is already producing blind bags such as marvel 500 it’s sad because things like marvel and star ward sell well and its really a missed opportunity on both ends I mean it would be great to get more characters such as daredevil characters diverse villains and other non avengers characters ya know it’s kinda weird lego hasn’t done spider-Gwen yet hmm makes me suspect something

  4. Wow – these are amazing – I already have already collected a few of them – Ursula & Ariel, Aladdin & the Genie, Maleficent and Minnie Mouse – looking forward to collecting the rest of them over the coming weeks!!

  5. The figures are amazing. Sadly Lego store sold out and I could not find them elsewhere in stores that usually carried Lego product. Interestingly, before May 1, I found that eBay sellers had cases of these and sold sets making substantial money on them. Too bad that people who have access to the cases of product caused such difficulty in securing this neat set in store. I really like the challenge in feeling each bag for specific figure.

  6. Are there going to be more…I’ve been collecting and have about half but everywhere is sold out!