LEGO Civil War Spider-Man Set Revealed! LEGO 76067 Photos!

It’s pretty unusual for LEGO to release a movie-based Marvel set months after the rest of the sets in the series, so it was a bit of a head-scratcher when rumors began to surface regarding a fourth Civil War set in addition to the ones released a couple months back. I should have realized immediately why this set was delayed a bit, but it’s pretty clear now: the first-ever MCU Spider-Man minifigure is the headliner in the exclusive LEGO Marvel Tanker Truck Takedown 76067 Civil War set!

LEGO Civil War Spider-Man Set Back Tanker Truck Takedown 76067

Disney/Marvel has finally given the merchandisers producing Captain America Civil War Spider-Man toys permission to start revealing their wares, and as such, some of the most-anticipated Spider-Man figures of 2016 have been debuted over the course of the past two weeks!

While I wasn’t particularly in love with the Hasbro Marvel Legends Spider-Man 6″ figure three-pack (I’m buying it, mind you, but I’m not in love with it), I admit that the Funko Civil War Spider-Man POP Vinyls four-pack is one of my favorite Funko POP Vinyls sets ever.

And now, TLG is ready to show off their own sure-to-be top-selling Spider-Man set: 76067 LEGO Tanker Truck Takedown!

76067 LEGO Civil War Tanker Truck Takedown MinifiguresThe set includes four minifigures, and completes both Team Cap and Team Iron Man in minifigs form: Captain America, Hawkeye, The Vision and Spider-Man minifigures are all present and accounted for in this set! The Vision’s head looks to be improved from the last time we saw him, and I love Hawkeye’s purple motorcycle build!

Captain America has to be present, of course, so that Spidey can use his new webbing effects piece to steal his shield. Ha.

LEGO 76067 Tanker Truck Takedown Spider-Man Set Civil WarThe flaming Roxxon truck itself is the primary component of this set, and while it’s unfortunately a tad dull, I do think it’ll be really cool paired with the brick-built Giant-Man figure and the Civil War Super Hero Airport Battle set.

LEGO 76067 Tanker Truck Takedown will contain 330 pieces. While there’s no known MSRP for this set at this time, based off the fact that it’s an exclusive with highly desirable figures and some of the pieces of the truck are decently large, I’m expecting a high price-per-piece on this set and a suggested retail price of $39.99.

I hope that I’m wrong, as this really doesn’t look like a set worth $40 to me, but a LEGO Civil War Spider-Man minifigure is a must-have for me, so I’ll be picking up this set when it hits this summer one way or the other.

LEGO Civil War Spider-Man Set Back Tanker Truck Takedown 76067LEGO 76067 will not be mass-released at all stores in the United States–it will be a shared exclusive between the LEGO Store and one lucky store chain. My best guess would be that Toys R Us would be picking this up as a store exclusive, but it wouldn’t be a shocker if Walmart or Target snagged it instead. I’ll post an update to the Brick Toy News Twitter and Facebook pages once specific information on this set’s availability and pricing is available.

Now that the final Civil War LEGO set has been revealed, what do you think of it, brick fans? Are you pleased with the look of the first-ever MCU Spider-Man minifigure, or are you planning to pass on this set?


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    • They decided to use a red torso like they did on the first Spidey minifigure. I think it looks nice c:

  1. @ A Guy – he’s very red in the movie.
    @Brickmaster7 – yes, a zemo would have been great. It’s weird that we didn’t get him.

    It’s good to get another vision. Too many caps tho… like almost every set and the toysrus set had a cap.

  2. Yes! New Hawkeye, i never got that last Vison, i somehow never got the newest Captain America, and FINALLY a Spoderman varient!

  3. I can’t wait for this set. I, like the writer of this article, really want that awesome spiderman variant. I hope that Walmart, Toy R Us, or weis get a copy of this.

  4. I agree. Getting another Cap stinks. Should’ve gotten Updated, regular sized Ant-Man or something. Or anyone else, but Cap. Not Zemo, though. That would have to be another set, since Zemo isnt in this scene

  5. @SpiderBoy066
    I agree!

    Also if Zemo was in this he would be too plane because Zemo is just some random guy

    • I’m sure we’ll get a comics-based Baron Zemo with stripey pink mask as a minifigure someday soon.

    • I can’t wait until this set comes out I wish there will be a set of the final battle of the movie and there should be a set with General Ross and Zemo with Bucky in the cage

  6. I can’t wait until this set comes out I wish there will be a set of the final battle of the movie and there should be a set with General Ross and Zemo with Bucky in the cage

  7. I think this set is gonna be great! For an updated article piece, this set will be $30.00 and released on August 1st. Reminder: this et still takes place at the airport so zemon cant be in this. Im happy he isnt. Instead of the captain america tho i wouldve liked a normal sized antman

  8. I almost have every set for this movie. I wish they replaced Cap with another Iron man, I mean, come on. We already have enough Caps. This set needs another Scarlet witch, or a normal sized Ant man,or heck,I’ll even take Agent 13.

    • Captain America MUST be included in any sets with a Civil War Spider-Man figure as per the licensing agreement, unfortunately.