LEGO Civil War Captain America’s Motorcycle Set Released!

It was a little bit over a month ago that we learned from the May 2016 LEGO Store Calendar that a brand-new LEGO Marvel Captain America’s Motorcycle polybag promo was scheduled for the end of May! But if you don’t feel like waiting until the end of the month to snag this set for free, you don’t have to: the 30447 Captain America’s Motorcycle set from Civil War is now starting to turn up for sale in local Toys R Us stores!

LEGO Civil War Captain America's Motorcycle Polybags Released

Longtime reader John C. shot me a message yesterday to let me know that his wife had picked up several of a polybag at their local US Toys R Us store that I had no idea was even going to be sold at Toys R Us stores: the Captain America Civil War Captain America’s Motorcycle 30447 set!

The set contains 25 pieces, and includes a Captain America Minifigure with shield and motorcycle. It’s pretty basic, but I think that this is a case where the masses will be happier with “cheap and basic” than “sorta cheap and not-quite-basic”!

LEGO 30447 Captain America's Motorcycle SetThe main attraction of this set for many folks will be the opportunity to buy a LEGO Captain America figure for the lowest price ever: just $3.99! In fact, this will be the first time that Captain Anerica has ever been available inside a polybag set.

Polybag Back LEGO Captain America's Motorcycle 30447Cap’s motorcycle itself has a twist that I can’t recall ever seeing on a brick-built motorcycle before: the sidecar has a flickfire missile firing action feature. That’s… a new one! Weird. But fun.

John was kind enough to take photos of both sides of the instructions for LEGO 30447 so that interested builders could get an idea of how the Cap’s motorcycle comes together this time out. It’s pretty quick and easy-looking, but I guess that’s what you’d expect from a four dollar, 25-piece set, right?

Page 1 of Captain America's Motorcycle LEGO Set InstructionsThe LEGO Marvel Captain America’s Motorcycle 30447 set is now appearing at Toys R Us stores in the United States, where it’s available for individual sale right now as well as being expected to be given out as a free promo with qualifying purchase at some point in the next two weeks.

Instructions for 30447 LEGO Civil War Captain America's Motorcycle PolybagAnd if you miss it then, the LEGO Store will be giving it out during the latter half of May 2016 as well, so anyone who wants this nifty set should have ample opportunity to score it!

What do you think of the latest iteration of the Captain America Motorcycle, brick fans? Are you excited to see a Captain America Minifig available for under 5 bucks for the first time ever, or bummed to see Cap’s motorcycle rehashed for the umpteenth time?


LEGO Civil War Captain America’s Motorcycle Set Released! — 4 Comments

  1. Where is “local”? I am hoping to get these as party favors for a birthday, but my local toys r us doesn’t have them out yet. Thanks!

  2. Hey Kim,
    Go to the counter and ask. They keep the buy x amount and get a freebie at the counters. You have to ask to buy them.
    I got mine no issue.

    I wish it didn’t have a rocket launcher or whatever. I wish it had a seat for a second figure. I do realize if it did people would have been screaming for a second figure and it wouldn’t be what it is… but who doesn’t have a ton of avengers mini figures hanging around. I have like 11 iron man figures and I didn’t even hunt for all of them.