LEGO City Summer 2017 Sets: Bus Station 60154 Photos Preview!

The LEGO Group broke with tradition just a little bit at New York Toy Fair 2017, in that for the first time since I can remember, not all of the summer sets displayed at the event had corresponded boxes next to them in the booth! No, it’s not that the boxes weren’t ready or that TLG didn’t want to display them–there were just so many setsĀ that debuted that there simply wasn’t room to show all the boxes! And one set that went box-less at the show was also one of my favorites: the Summer 2017 LEGO City Bus Station 60154!

LEGO City Summer 2017 Sets: Bus Station 60154

“All passengers, have your tickets ready! The bus headed to 242 Brick Square, via the City Center, is now boarding! All aboard!!”

With dozens of City sets being released each and every year, it’s a little surprising how very rare it is to get a public transporation bus as part of a brick set. But while they’re few and far between, TLG has a truly great one lined up for us this August as part of the LEGO City Summer 2017 sets wave: the 60154 Bus Station!

60154 Bus Station LEGO City Set Minifigures Toy Fair 2017This is an instance where the text in the vehicle really adds a lot to it! I love that the yellow and green bus is specifically noted as being a modern “electric hybrid” bus. Yay for public transportation!

LEGO 60541 Bus Station Set New York Toy Fair 2017The bus has opening side doors to assist the disabled in boarding, and features plenty of transparent windows for riders to gaze at the countryside (or the city) while they cruise. I really, really dig this bus!

LEGO City Bus Station 2017 Set Bus Driver Handicap DoorsThe set includes a generous six Minifigures, along with a dog, a small brick-built news stand (with traffic light!) and a little red bus stop for riders to wait at.

2017 Toy Fair LEGO Bus Station News Stand and Bus StopMinifigures include male and female bicyclists (with bikes, of course), a woman in a wheelchair, a young girl with her sweater-wearing grandfather and a friendly, bearded bus driver. There’s also a brown, German Shepherd looking dog present (though none of the buses in my city allow dogs, that’s for sure!).

Summer 2017 LEGO City Sets Bus Station Price Release Date PlacardNow, what’s really unusual about this release is that, because no box was shown at the 2017 Toy Fair, we don’t know how many pieces are included. So while I can say based off my own observations that the set looks like it’s worth its $49.99 MSRP, we don’t have any way of knowing the set’s true price-per-piece value just yet.

There were quite a few other non-licensed sets on display at Toy Fair that didn’t have boxes with them to reveal the piece count, so this is a trend that will be repeating as I post future preview this spring. Regardless, this set really does look great!

New York Toy Fair 2017 LEGO City Bus Station Set 60541The LEGO City Summer 2017 sets will be released online and in stores on August 1st 2017. I’ll post an update here and to the Brick Toys News Facebook and Twitter Pages once official images of the set and its final piece count are made available, so stay tuned if you want to get on this bus (after building it, of course).

What do you think of the LEGO Bus Station 60541 set, brick fans? Will you be adding this brick-built environmentally-friendly modern vehicle to your collection this summer?


LEGO City Summer 2017 Sets: Bus Station 60154 Photos Preview! — 3 Comments

  1. The old man minifigure would make for either a great Stan Lee or classic Commissioner Gordon.

  2. I’m loving this model, mostly, and this is going to sound quite mad because the bus driver is wearing exactly the same suit as the Clark Kent/Superman mini figure that came with Batman The Movie – DC Super Heroes Unite blu ray. So now I can have Clark in a suit before he rips it open to become Superman! Great stuff. The bus, the shelter, news stand etc are all great too. Roll on August 1st!