LEGO City People Pack Fun at the Beach 60153 Summer 2017 Set!

Last summer, TLG premiered a new City set that immediately garnered legendary amounts of attention and went on to become one of the best-selling sets in the theme of all-time with the beloved Fun at the Park People Pack. But hey, one good hit deserves another, right? And this August, we’re getting it: the Summer 2017 LEGO City People Pack Fun at the Beach 60153 is on the way!

LEGO City People Pack Fun at the Beach 60153 Summer 2017 Set Box

One of the concepts that I simply never imagined that TLG would make into a tradition is an ongoing series of sets composed primarily of large numbers of low-priced Minifigures. I really thought that last year’s People Pack Fun at the Park set was just a wonderful one-off set.

But at New York Toy Fair 2017 last month, TLG proved me wrong with the crowd-pleasing 60153 Fun at the Beach People Pack! And I have to say: I could quickly grow to love and look forward to these annual City People Packs sets just as much as the yearly Advent Calendar sets!

There’s a lot here to take in, so let’s just peruse through my photos and run down what we see, shall we?

LEGO 60153 Fun at the Beach Dolphin Windsurfer MinifigureHey, a windsurfer Minifigure! That’s a pretty cool and fun addition to this set, and it looks so neat that hopefully it’ll get some kids (who swim better than me) motivated to be active and try windsurfing! I think this is one of the standouts of this set.

New York Toy Fair 2017 LEGO City People Pack Fun at the Beach Lifeguard SandcastleAnd in case that LEGO Windsurfer Minifigure gets into trouble, there’s a diligent lifeguard Minifig stationed in his high chair waiting to leap into action and to the rescue!

LEGO City Summer 2017 Sets Fun at the Beach Grandma Minifigure Buying Ice CreamBecause “fun at the beach” isn’t just for young people, Grandma and Grandpa Minifigures make an appearance in their swim gear as part of this set! In the photos, you can see Grampa kayaking while Gramma buys some ice cream from a vendor cart.

Summer 2017 LEGO Sets City People Pack Fun at the Beach Toy Fair 2017We’ve also got a little girl Minifigure building a brick-built sandcastle, two youngsters playing beach volleyball over a net, a man dozing in a hammock between two palm trees, a diver looking for fish, a man with a metal detector seeking buried treasure, a janitor cleaning up after the messy youngins–and more!

LEGO Dalmation Figure with Fun at the Beach 60153 Summer 2017 SetThere’s even something for us animal lovers in LEGO Fun at the Beach 60153, as the set includes a dolphin, a fish, a red lobster (not being eaten by Batman this time–thank God!) and even a Dalmatian dog figure! I love that life at the beach goes beyond just humans!

LEGO City Fun at the Beach Set Price Release Date Placard 2017 Toy Fair

Obviously I can’t use the traditional price-per-piece as an indicator of “value” in this instance, as this set retails for $39.99 and contains just 169 pieces. That said, this set does contain 15 Minifigures which retail for $3.99 each in blind bags (a $60 value right there), so the actual “value” of this set is pretty clear.

15 Minifigures, a dalamatian, a dolphin, a lobster and loads of really cool brick-built diorama pieces, all for under forty bucks?! Yes, please, TLG. More like this, please!

60153 LEGO City People Pack Fun at the Beach Toy Fair 2017 SetThe LEGO City People Pack Fun at the Beach 60153 set will be released online and in stores officially on August 1st 2017, along with the rest of the Summer 2017 City sets. If last year’s Fun in the Park set is any indication, this is going to be one of the hottest sellers of the summer and may be a bit tough to track down for a few weeks following its release!

I’ll be posting my LEGO City Summer 2017 sets previews full of hi-res photos throughout the next month, so be sure to follow the Brick Toy News Facebook and Twitter Pages if you want to be alerted to the latest articles and images going live!

What do you think of the LEGO 60153 Fun at the Beach People Pack, brick fans? Does this set live up to (or even surpass?) the high standards set by the 2016 Fun at the Park set? And if these People Packs were to continue, what sort of theme would you like for next year’s addition?

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