LEGO Carousel 10257 Set Revealed & Hi- Res Photos!

If you ever go on this thing called “the Internet”, you very likely have seen leaked information and photos of a mysterious addition to the LEGO Creator Fairground sub-theme of amusement park rides. Out of respect for TLG’s wishes, I haven’t talked about that set at all. But the time for secrecy is over, as TLG has officially dropped the curtain today, revealing what’s bound to be one of the most popular and best-selling sets of 2017: the LEGO Creator Carousel 10257!

LEGO Carousel 10257 Box Front 2017 Set

One of the biggest regrets of my LEGO-collecting life is that I was collecting sets when the Grand Carousel was released back in 2009, and I chose not to shell out the 250 bucks that that gorgeous masterpiece of a set cost. Not having thousands of dollars in extra disposable income to my name, my brick collection has remained Carousel-less ever since.

But this summer, that gaping hole in my collection (and my heart) will be filled at long last, when TLG releases the brand new LEGO Creator Carousel 10257 set!

20157 LEGO Carousel Box BackFor whatever reason, TLG has chosen not to call this the “Fairground Carousel”, but the set is still clearly along the same sub-theme as the previously-released Ferris Wheel and Fairground Mixer sets. The number of amusement park ride themed Creator sets available in LEGO Stores has been a little lacking ever since the Fairground Mixer 10244 set was retired, but I think this Carousel will more than nicely fill that extra shelf space!

Animals on LEGO Summer 2017 Creator Carousel SetThere’s no sound brick with this set, unlike the previously-released Grand Carousel, but you can still turn the crank to rotate the animals and make them go up and down (or add Power Functions to make the set do the “cranking” for you!). The lack of a musical brick is a little disappointing, but this set is also 50 bucks cheaper than its predecessor from eight years ago, and to save fifty dollars, I might be willing to just hum some carnival music myself. Heh.

LEGO Creator Carousel 10257 Animals

Rather than going with horses, the 10257 Carousel uses a variety of exotic animal for riders to climb upon this time out: a swan, a flamingo, a frog, an elephant, and the grumpiest-looking tiger that I have ever set my eyes upon. I love how happy the frog looks to be ridden (and, you know–gigantic), but the flamingo is my favorite part of the set just for being so wholly unexpected.

I think choosing to forgo horses entirely will be a bit of a controversial choice that some folks won’t love, but I like it–it makes this set feel fresh and different, rather than just making it a rehash of the Grand Carousel.

And for those wanting to see the new Carousel in action, the LEGO Designer video spotlighting the set and talking about its development has now been posted online and can be watched as well. (Unfortunately, now I’m going to have that amazing “Woo! Woo! Doot Doot, Doo Doo Doot!” music in my head from those vidoes all week long.)

LEGO 2017 Creator Carousel 10257 SetThe Creator Expert LEGO 10257 Carousel set will be available for order in June 2017, and will retail for a shockingly-low $199.99. For a hotly-demanded set containing seven minifigures and 2,670 pieces (just 7.4 cents per piece!), that price is an absolute triumph.

Now that it’s finally been revealed for all the world to see, what are your thoughts on the 10257 LEGO Creator Expert Carousel set, brick fans? Does this set fill the need in your soul for a new brick-built Carousel, or did TLG miss the mark with you with their latest major exclusive release?


LEGO Carousel 10257 Set Revealed & Hi- Res Photos! — 3 Comments

  1. I have the same (BIG) regret about the 2009 set! However, this set is so cute; I will definitely be purchasing it & can’t wait for summer!!!

  2. The new Lego Carousel is great and I can hardly wait to add it to my Lego Amusement Park. I was unaware of the original Grand Carousel of 2009 until I read about it in the comments about the NEW CAROUSEL. I was also amazed at the cost of the Grand Carousel as I found them available on e bay and on google. I was even more amazed at the cost of the Grand Carousel copies that are available from Hong Kong. Tempted by the low cost of $147.00 with free shipping I ordered one and received it in 8 days. It took 4 days to build but it looks exactly like the Lego model that now sells for much more and runs just fine. This is really an excellent copy.