LEGO Bricktober 2016 Minifigure Collection Sets Revealed!

September 2016 will be upon us in just a few short days, and while it is my birth month (September 4th!), it’s usually a little boring as far as LEGO new releases go. But hey, September’s arrival means we’re just a few short weeks away from one of the most beloved promos of the year–the annual Toys R Us Bricktober LEGO exclusives! And with just over a month till the event begins, the exclusive Minifigure Collections appeared today!

LEGO Musicians Minifigures Collection Packaged

For the last few years, Toys R Us has really been spoiling us with their super-fun annual Bricktober Exclusive Mini Modular Building set promos.

Unfortunately, the coolness of those sets may have spoiled us a little bit for what TRU is returning to for Bricktober 2016: four weekly exclusive minifigure four-packs containing four “sort of new” minifigures!

I say “sort of new” because I don’t believe there are any new parts in these box sets at all, but rather pieces pulled from a variety of sources, including the LEGO Minifigures Series and Ultra Agents.

Toys R Us Exclusive LEGO Minifigures Musicians Collection Box SetBricktober Week One will bring us the LEGO Musicians Minifigure Collection box set. If you need some blue hair, a natural-colored clown Afro or some rock star hair, this may be the set for you!

LEGO Warriors Minifigure Collection Box SetBricktober Week 2’s sets contains “Warriors” and looks more cobbled-together than the Musicians set does, unfortunately.

Bricktober 2016 Warriors Minifigures Toys R Us SetLet’s see, we’ve got a Warrior King, a martial arts fighter, an… Archer Lady (?) and a cross between a GI Joe and Indiana Jones.

Of the four sets, I think this one is definitely the weakest.

Bricktober 2016 LEGO Athletes Minifigure CollectionWeek 3 of Bricktober 2016 will bring the free LEGO Athletes Minifigure Collection!

LEGO Bricktober 2016 Athletes Minifigure Set Toys R UsI’m not at all convinced that a race car driver qualifies as an athlete, but I think team-builder collectors will really appreciate getting extra football uniforms parts, swim trunks legs and a tennis racket in a free promo set. I also love the glasses on the tennis player woman.

Exclusive Toys R Us Cops and Robbers LEGO Bricktober Minifigures Set

Finally, we’ll get my favorite set of the promotion in Bricktober Week Four: the LEGO Cops & Robbers Minifigure collection!

It’s nice to get a female sheriff in a free set, and I love the blue jacketed police detective. This set also includes rare yellow legs for the prisoner–looks like this poor dude was put in jail for indecent exposure!

One of these sets will be given away with a qualifying purchase each week at Toys R Us during October 2016. Stores that have leftovers (and there are almost always leftovers) usually sell their remaining stock after the event. I’d guess these sets will be $14.99-$19.99 in the United States after the event.

Bricktober Cops & Robbers Minifigure Set

I’ll post updates here and to the Brick Toy News Twitter and Facebook Pages once Toys R Us officially confirms these sets for Bricktober in the U.S. and reveals what the purchase threshold will be to earn one for free.

What do you think of this year’s Toys R Us 2016 Bricktober exclusives, brick fans? Are you aiming to snag any or all of these Minifigure sets, or are you just not jazzed about what’s basically just mash-ups of existing figures?


LEGO Bricktober 2016 Minifigure Collection Sets Revealed! — 7 Comments

  1. Terrible collection, no originality at all, just mish-mash of parts of figures from other sets. Boring

  2. I have to take issue with your comment about race car drivers not being athletes. Being in a race is a major workout for them. They have to train to keep the wheel steady and stay focused on other things. I’ve seen documentaries on this subject and I can tell you that race car drivers are every bit as much of an athlete as anyone else in any other sport.

  3. yeah these aren’t that exciting. I just got the musicians set and while it’s not too bad, there’s only a token amount of effort to make this thematic (one fig has a microphone). I was able to purchase the set on its own, at the end of the week for that set, for $19.99 US.

  4. What day of the week do the new sets come out, Sundays? My store said they were all gone, so no leftovers here.