LEGO Brick Friday 2016 Holiday Promos Revealed! Snowglobe!

There’s good news and there’s bad news for fans of the incredibly beloved LEGO Holiday Promo sets. The good news is that there will definitely be LEGO 2016 Holiday Promo sets during the month of November, including one for Brick Friday! The bad news is: this year’s promotions are going to be a little bit different from the norm. Get ready for an ornament, a calendar–and an exclusive LEGO Santa Claus Snowglobe available from the LEGO Shop Online!


TLG really spoiled us for a couple years, gifting us some truly amazing scenic sets as free Winter Holiday Promo sets. The Gingerbread House in particular is one of my all-time favorites.

But this year, things are going to be a little bit “different”, as it we’re getting zero free traditional buildable sets for the holidays. I know, I know–my soul died a little bit when that news was confirmed as well.

The “big” promotion this holiday season will be a free 2016 Brick Friday Snowglobe with a qualifying purchase of $99 or more during Brick Friday weekend.

lego-brick-friday-2016-snowglobe-santa-claus-promoWe actually saw the 40223 LEGO Santa Snowglobe revealed way back in January 2016 by mistake, but it’s fully revealed on the November 2016 LEGO Store Calendar. It’s hard to tell if this Snowglobe is going to be a buildable set or something pre-built and glued/molded together, but my best guess is that it’s not a buildable item.

I actually think the Santa Claus Snowglobe looks really neat, with “snow” studs suspended in the air and all, but I’d lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed we weren’t getting a little scene to add to the Winter Village instead.


The spot where we’ve usually gotten the first and smaller of the holiday promo scene sets at the beginning of November 2016 has been given over to a LEGO Toy Soldier ornament this year. We previously got a Christmas Tree ornament, but this is way cuter. I’m pleased with this, even if it is taking up a spot where we could have gotten a little vignette set instead.

The Toy Soldier LEGO Holiday Ornament will be available with any purchase of $50 or more from November 1st to 15th… or while supplies last. Considering how sets sell like wildfire as we approach the holiday shopping season, you might want to grab this promotional ornament early if you really want it.

40223-lego-santa-claus-snowglobe-brick-friday-2016-promoAs usual, all of the free holiday promotions will be available via orders from the online LEGO Shop as well as at the branded chain of LEGO Stores. In my experience the physical stores’ supplies of these promos tend to last long than the supplies for the online store (seeing as how the online store has exponentially more traffic), so online orders should probably be placed early for any of these promotional items if you want to be assured of getting them.

What are your thoughts on the 2016 LEGO Holiday promo sets, brick fans? Are you excited to see TLG thinking outside the box with clever ideas like a Snowglobe this year, or are you disappointed that we’re not getting the usual more traditional holiday promos instead?


LEGO Brick Friday 2016 Holiday Promos Revealed! Snowglobe! — 7 Comments

  1. Like the traditional holiday sets.
    Will NOT be worrying about the ornament.
    Maybe the snowglobe.
    Will the snowglobe be Black Friday only?

    • The Snowglobe will be for the whole Brick Friday weekend event, though supplies could run out at any time once it becomes available.

  2. So is “brick Friday” the same day as Black Friday? This is the first I have heard about the awesome sales and don’t want to miss it this year! Do they start right at midnight? Any help appreciated. Thanks!

    • I believe LEGO begins their Brick Friday sale on Thanksgiving at midnight and it runs throughout the weekend. 🙂