LEGO Batman v Superman Batmobile Polybag Released!

Just when I thought I was done talking about Batman sets, one more set has unexpectedly popped up in stores! The sure-to-be-blockbuster Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice movie comes out later this month, and in anticipation of its arrival, so has the first polybag set based on the movie: the Batman vs. Superman LEGO Batmobile 30446 polybag has now been released!

LEGO Batman vs Superman Polybag 30446

When I saw the first photos and trailer for the BvS movie, I truly thought that DC Comics and Warner Bros. had a full-scale disaster on their hands. But I’ve warmed up on the movie considerably after the last couple trailers, and am now greatly anticipating seeing it in IMAX 3-D later this month.

And as my excitement for the movie has increased, my interest in the BvS LEGO sets has simultaneously increased as well! That’s why I was super-excited when reader John C. wrote in tonight to give me the heads-up that he’d picked up this new set while at a local Toys R Us store in Michigan this weekend!

Batman v Superman LEGO Batmobile 30446 PolybagWhile I initially wasn’t sold on the aesthetic of the BvS Batmobile–and still am not–I don’t have it either. It’s certainly a dramatic departure from the Tumbler from the Nolan movies, but I don’t know that the design holds up to the standard of the 90’s Batman: The Animated Series version or the ones from the classic Batman movies.

LEGO 30446 Batman v Superman Batmobile SetEven so, I don’t mind plunking down the four bucks that this bagged set is retailing for to add this new-era Batmobile to Batman’s no-doubt-enormous garage. The vehicle may not be perfect, but the mini version is definitely worth its tiny price-tag to me.

LEGO 30446 includes 63 pieces and retails for $3.99. As this is not the minifig-scaled version of the vehicle, no Minifigures are included with the set (obviously).

The 30446 LEGO Batman v Superman Batmobile set is now starting to appear in Toys R Us stores, where it retails for $3.99 (when you can find it on the shelf). The set is rumored to be a free promo with a qualifying Toys R Us purchase later this month, so keep your eyes peeled if the newest Batmobile in Bruce Wayne’s fleet is up your alley. It’s possible that this brick-built Batmobile mini will also be available from other retail stores, but so far I’ve only heard of it being sighted at Toys R Us chain locations.

LEGO DC Super Heroes Batmobile BvS Set
Anyone out there psyched for this new Batman vs. Superman Batmobile LEGO set? If not, is it because you’re holding out for the Minifigure-scale Batmobile, or does its modern design just not appeal to you?


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  1. the Batman vs. Superman LEGO Batmobile 30446 polybag.
    Can I order 2 of these?
    I am from the Netherlands.