LEGO Batman Movie Two-Face Double Demolition 70915 Set!

The last half-decade has been good to me as far as seeing things in movies I’ve waited my entire life for. I finally got to see that amazing deleted scene with the Wampas from Empire Strikes Back when Star Wars launched on Blu Ray a few years ago, and this winter I got to see something I’ve waited almost as long for: Billy Dee Williams as Two-Face! I was pretty distraught when there was no LEGO Batman Movie Two-Face Minifigure announced in the first wave of sets, but luckily he’s coming in the Summer 2017 LEGO Batman Movie Two-Face Double Demolition 70915 set…

New York Toy Fair 2017 LEGO 70915 Two-Face Double Demolition Set

It took 28 years–no, really, 28 years–but after playing Harvey Dent in the 1989 Batman movie, Billy Dee William finally got to play Two-Face in this year’s The LEGO Batman Movie! If that isn’t one of the more amazing role reprisals in cinematic history, I truly do not know what is!

Such a momentous occasion definitely needed to be commemorated, and what better way to immortalize Billy Dee’s long-awaited role than with a LEGO Batman Movie Two-Face Minifigure!

LEGO 70915 Two-Face Double Demolition Batman Movie Summer 2017 Set(As you may have gathered, I am pretty excited about this summer’s LEGO 70915 Two-Face Double Demolition set, which I got to see just inches away from my own eyes at New York Toy Fair 2017 last month!)

LEGO Batman Movie Two-Face Minifigure Billy Dee WilliamsThe main attraction of this set both to me (and I imagine the majority of collectors) is the exclusive Billy Dee Two-Face Minifigure. The mutilated left hand side of his body looks super gnarly, and that nuclear neon pink hair is downright amazing. I love this Minifig!

70915 LEGO Minifigures Two-Face Batman GCPD OfficersOf course, there’s also three other Minifigures and two vehicles in this set to talk about. Yet another generic black Batman Minifigure and two GCPD Officer Minifigures (one male and one female) complete the pack-in figure lineups.

LEGO Batman Movie GCPD Officer Minifigures Male FemaleNot the most inspired choices with so many Z-List Villains unaccounted for (LEGO Condiment King? Please??), but Gotham City Police Department army-builders will be pleased.

LEGO 70915 Batman Movie Batcycle Summer 2017 SetsBatman gets his ow Batpod-like Batman Movie Batcycle as his ride in this set, and it looks pretty cool. We’ve gotten plenty of LEGO Batcycle sets over the years, but I think this is one of the sleekest and best-looking ones (if not the best).

LEGO Batman Movie Two Face Double Demolition 70915 Set

Meanwhile, along with his machine gun accessory, Billy Dee Williams Two-Face also gets his own crazy vehicle to drive around in–the most unique LEGO Bulldozer vehicle ever!

If you look at the Bulldozer from its right side, it’s a plain old white and yellow bulldozer. Ho-hum. But–!! If you look at it from the left side, it’s painted black, covered in spikes and has evil translucent purple wires running to a mounted stud shooter! Clearly this is not a vehicle you want to be on the bad side of…!

LEGO Batman Movie Summer 2017 Sets Two-Face Set Box 70915The LEGO Batman Movie Summer 2017 Two-Face Double Demolition set will be available online and in stores on June 1st, 2017. The set retails for $59.99 for 564 pieces–about 10.6 cents per piece–so it’s a slightly below average value. But hey–I gotta have that Two-Face Minifig, y’know?

Is anyone out there even a tiny bit as excited as I am about this 70915 LEGO Batman Movie Two-Face set? Who’s planning on picking up this set as soon as it launches, who’s going to wait for a sale… and who plain isn’t interested in this wacky Double Demolition set at all?

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