LEGO Batman Movie Riddler Riddle Racer 2017 Set Photos!

A little bit earlier today, I posted my full photos preview of the LEGO Batman Movie Killer Croc Tail-Gator set, with its mind-blowing Zebra Man and Tarantula Minifigures. But what’s better than a set with two crazy obscure villains? How about a set with three crazy obscure villains! Enter the LEGO Batman Movie Riddler Riddle Racer 70903 set… with Calendar Man, Kite Man and more!


I genuinely believed that The LEGO Batman Movie sets were destined to be a bunch of rehashes of previously-released sets with little new of value to offer, and that I’d be skipping the vast majority of the sets in the theme.

And then the official hi-res photos emerged today and I knew that TLG had my future money safely locked up all along–I just didn’t know it yet!

lego-the-batman-movie-the-riddler-riddle-racer-carThe 70903 Riddler Riddle Racer set gives us our second Riddler Race Car in the last five years, believe it or not–but Edward Nygma is really moving up in the world with this stylish road raced! The sleek look of this car is super-cool, and it’s among my favorite vehicle designs we’ve seen thus far for the movie!

The race car comes with a missile that’s shown in the photos, but I really have no idea where the missile fires from–there’s no apparent opening for it on the car, and on the box it appears to be shooting from the rear of the racer. Hmn…

Meanwhile, not only does that new Riddler minifigure have a new look, but his cane has an awesome new question mark piece on it! Score! (I wonder what other uses TLG can find for that piece…)


The main attraction of this set for me doesn’t have to do with the Riddler or generic Batman minifigure at all, though–it’s all about the Z-List villains making their unlikely debut appearance in minifig form!

From the LEGO Kite Man minifigure’s goofy smile to the jaw-dropping, incredible cape on the LEGO Calendar Man minifigure to the very existence of a Magpie minifig, this obscure trio of villains is definitely seducing me with their siren song.

70903-lego-the-batman-movie-riddler-riddle-racer-set-minifiguresThe 70903 Riddler Riddle Racer set will be available for sale online and in stores as part of the Winter 2017 LEGO Batman Movie sets wave that’s due to be officially released in January 2017. The set contains 254 pieces and should retail for $29.99–not a bad price at all when you consider the five minifigures included!

What are your thoughts on the LEGO The Batman Movie Riddler set, brick fans? Are you delighted by the addition of characters no one ever expected to see as minifigures, or do you think this is a case where TLG has gone too deep with characters you’re just not interested in owning?


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  1. If you look at the sides of the riddlemobile thing, there ae two more of the missiles, right under the silver “exhaust” piece… That entire rear section flips up (as seen on the box) and fires the missile.

    on the box (the first photo) the missile is seen and if you look next to the riddler’s head, you see the launcher that it comes out of.