LEGO Batman Movie Clayface Splat & Scarecrow Sets Revealed!

Ordinarily I like to wait until we get some official hi-res photos before previewing upcoming sets, but a couple of sets were revealed via being found in stores this week that are just screaming to be talked about. These sets include the first-ever LEGO Clayface figure–which happens to be brick-built and totally awesome–and three sets that can combine together into one…


“It’s rain-in’ Clayface… Hallelujah!” Clayface is probably the single most prominent Batman villain to never appear in LEGO form up until now, so it’s with great excitement that I saw the LEGO Clayface minifigure (of a sort) revealed this week!

Clayface will be featured as the central element in the 70904 Clayface Splat Attack set, which is officially part of the January 2017 wave of set. The buildable Clayface LEGO figure looks to have at least six points of articulation and an amazing stud texture making up his whole body. He’s even get a stud-shooting left fist! Love it!!

LEGO 70904 will also include an exclusive minifigure of the Mayor (who’s stuck in clay–heh), as well a standard black costume movie Batman minifigure.

lego-70910-scarecrows-special-delivery-set-the-batman-movieMan, TLG sure is obsessed with pizza this year, aren’t they? Not only are we getting the City Pizza Van set I talked about last week this winter, but also a Friends Pizzeria. And now…? Pizza Delivery Scarecrow!

No, seriously, there’s actually a limited retailer exclusive 70910 Scarecrow’s Special Delivery set coming our way as part of the LEGO The Batman Movie sets theme featuring a Pizza Delivery Disguise Scarecrow minifigure. He’s driving a white motorcycle with a trailer filled with Luigi’s Pizzeria pizzas (although I imagine we’re actually only getting one pizza box with the set and not a whole trailer full of them).

I know a lot of collectors are going to be disappointed that this set comes with a weird disguised Scarecrow minifig instead of a cheap standard Scarecrow, but it’s hard to fault TLG too much for giving us something different. And speaking of “different”…


But wait! LEGO 70910 has a super-cool–and super-rare–gimmick as well! The set can be snapped together and combined with the two previously-revealed 70900 The Joker Balloon Escape and 70901 Mr. Freeze Attack sets in order to form a larger set! I can’t remember ever seeing three different sets that literally could be built into one set before. Help me out, brick fans: is this a first?

Once combined, the trio of LEGO Batman Movie sets forms what appears to be some sort of evil villainous chemical factory (with, uh… hungry supervillains ordering out for pizza delivery, perhaps?). It’s a bit weird, but I love seeing this kind of novelty with three cheap sets being able to form one larger one.

lego-joker-balloon-escape-70900-setThe LEGO Batman Movie sets seen in this article are all part of the batch that’s expected to be released for sale online in January 2017. That said, several of the sets that weren’t supposed to be released until after Thanksgiving are already starting to appear in some retail stores in the United States, so it’s possible that we’ll end up seeing all these sets in stores before the holidays! (And I sure hope we do–I’m dying for that Clayface!)

What do you think of the newest reveals in the 2017 LEGO The Batman Movie theme, brick fans? Will you be building your own brick-built Clayface or adding a covert pizza man Scarecrow minifigure to your own collections this winter?


LEGO Batman Movie Clayface Splat & Scarecrow Sets Revealed! — 5 Comments

  1. The only time I know they made interlocking sets like that was in the hobbit line for Dol Ghuldor. They made Dol Guldor, the Witch King Battle, and Dol Guldor Ambush. I have always thought they should incorporate that into sets. I thought they should do an X Mansion. Have Xaviers office, danger room, Cerebro, and have them combine to make a giant X Mansion. They would probably sell well, and they would be cheaper than making one big set.

  2. Why didn’t you write an article when they revealed the Scuttler and Joker’s Balloon Escape sets?

    • I was waiting for more hi-res images. I wasn’t satisfied with the one low-red image available from each, as I couldn’t make out enough details to satisfy my needs to write a detailed article.

    • No–SOME of the LEGO Batman Movie sets will be released by December 1st. Only a couple of them like the Batmobile and Batcave. Most are officially dated for January 1st.