LEGO Architecture 2017 Sets Photos! Sydney Chicago London!

LEGO surprised everyone at this time last year when they introduced an all-new Architecture Skylines sub-theme with beautiful inaugural New York City, Venice and Berlin sets. The skyline sub-theme was a big hit, and now TLG is back with a second round to kick off 2017! Coming our way this winter, it’s the 2017 LEGO Architecture London, Sydney and Chicago Skylines!


Given how popular London-based sets have been over the years, it would have been easy money to predict that there would be a new Architecture London skyline set included as part of the Architecture 2017 sets wave.

But what would have been slightly more difficult to guess would be just how beautiful this LEGO London 21034 set would be, easily winning the award for “best brick-built skyline” and setting the bar high for all future skyline sets!

lego-21034-london-skyline-winter-2017-architecture-setThe 2017 LEGO Architecture London 21034 set is just plain gorgeous. The set is comprised of 468 pieces and includes tiny brick-built minis of Big Ben, the London Eye, Tower Bridge and Trafalgar Square.

The way that TLG has incorporated the London Eye into this set is just the coolest! I would be beyond thrilled if we got a regular Creator London Eye set some day to complement the Tower Bridge and Big Ben sets.

2017-lego-architecture-sydney-21032-set-boxNext up, we’ve got the LEGO Architecture Sydney 21032 set, which includes 361 pieces and is the smallest of the Architecture winter sets.

It’s sort of unfortunate that this set is being released alongside the awesome London vignette, because while there are some nice details here, the set does look kind of average compared to the splendor of London.

21032-sydney-lego-architecture-2017-sets-skylineWe’ve seen the Sydney Opera Hall appear in brick form several times before, but this is certainly its tiniest representation yet!

In addition to the Opera House, I spy the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Tower Eye in this set as well. My favorite detail of this set may actually be how scenic the bridge looks over the translucent “water”.


Finally, we get the second United States city skyline (after 21028 New York City from last winter, of course) in the form of the 444 piece Chicago 21033!

I’m not exactly an expert on Chicago, but unless I’m mistaken, I can make out the Willis Tower, the Wrigley Building, the CNA Building (that wicked cool red building!), the John Hancock Building, the Michigan Avenue Bridge and even the famous Chicago Bean statue (AKA Cloud Gate)!

I’ve never been to Chicago, but seeing all these mini builds in the skyline… I kind of feel like I need to make a trip there to check out all these sights in person!

lego-chicago-skyline-architecture-2017-winter-setThe LEGO Architecture 2017 sets should be available online and in stores in January 2017. Not many chains carry the Architecture theme, so I think it’s unlikely that we’ll see many of these sets leaking out prior to their official release date. I’ll post updates to the Brick Toy News Twitter and Facebook Pages once I hear the new sets are starting to appear in stores.

Are you impressed with the second year’s wave of LEGO Skylines, brick fans? Are you planning on picking up any of this winter’s crop of city vignettes, and what other cities would you like to see this sub-theme expand to in the future?

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