LEGO 2017 Creator Mighty Dinosaurs 31058 Set Photos!

Yesterday I kicked off my previews of the 2017 sets with my favorite City set in quite some time: the Pizza Van! Today, let’s switch gears and check out this winter’d addition to the LEGO Creator theme’s popular series of buildable animals. If you were hoping for more cutesy animals you might be disappointed, because this winter TLG is going primal with the LEGO Mighty Dinosaurs 31058 set, featuring a fearsome raptor that can be rebuilt into two other dinos…


From puppies to monkeys, to cats and mice, to parrots and ducks, the LEGO Creator Animals sub-theme has brought us some of the sweetest little builds around over the course of the last several years.

But perhaps not wanting to get stale and perhaps just wanting to do something a wee bit different, the LEGO Creator Winter 2017 sets contain a set that’s a little bit more hardcore than what we’ve come to expect: the 31058 Mighty Dinosaurs!

lego-31058-mighty-dinosaurs-creator-winter-2017-setsThe headliner of this set is the first-ever large scale LEGO Raptor build! I mistakenly thought this was a T-Rex when I first saw it, but noticed the sharp claws on his arm before my wife could find out and smack me upside the head (my wife is a little bit of a dinosaur nut, you see).

With piercing orange eyes and super sharp claws on its arms and feet, the Mighty Dinosaurs Raptor just may be one of the scariest LEGO Dinosaurs (or any set, for that matter) that I’ve ever seen.

31058-lego-creator-2017-mighty-dinosaurs-triceratopsFor those who fear being devoured if their toys should ever come to life, you might want to go with one of the two alternate builds for this set: a triceratops and what’s either a pterodactyl or a pteranodon (or maybe it’s a pterosaur–who can tell with all those ‘pter’-s running around!).

I’ve never been a really big triceratops fan (I always thought Cera in The Land Before Time was really annoying), but I do think this LEGO Triceratops looks pretty neat.

dinosaur-ribcage-from-31058-mighty-dinosaurs-creator-setAnd I love that the rib cage bones that come with the raptor can be rebuilt into triceratops’s horns!


Dinosaur fact: neither pterodactyls nor pteranodons nor pterosaurs are actually considered to be dinosaurs, so regardless of which this is, it’s definitely not a dinosaur. Good try, TLG, but you’re not fooling us!

The Mighty Dinosaurs 31058 set will contain 174 pieces and is expected to retail for the same $14.99 as recent Creator animal sets. That’s not to say that there won’t be a price increase in 2017, but I don’t anticipate it for this set.

lego-mighty-dinosaurs-raptor-carnivore-31058-january-2017The Winter 2017 LEGO Creator Mighty Dinosaurs set will be officially available online and in stores in January 2017, but the Winter Creator sets almost always begin to hit stores before Christmas, so keep your eyes peeled if you want this as a holiday gift for a special someone (which may include yourself).

What do you think of the 2017 Creator animal-based set, brick fans? Are you excited for this trio of prehistoric reptile builds, or were you hoping for some more delightfully adorable traditional animals instead?


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