February 2017 LEGO Store Calendar: Free Promos & Events!

2017 has finally arrived, bringing with it the much-anticipated Assembly Square Modular Building and dozens of other new sets! But all that’s old news now, and it’s time to look ahead to what’s going to be one of the biggest months ever for TLG! Along with 100+ new sets being revealed at the New York Toy Fair 2017, the LEGO Batman Movie will finally hit theaters–and the February 2017 LEGO Store Calendar is filled with free promo polybags and posters to celebrate…


February 2017 just may be the biggest month for LEGO ever, with the largest unveiling of new sets of the year happening at the 2017 Toy Fair, the hotly-anticipated LEGO The Batman Movie opening–which there are huge¬†expectations for, and a LEGO Store February 2017 Calendar that’s chock full of exclusive Minifigures, posters and promos!

There’s a lot to talk about on the calendar this time, so let’s get right down to it…

free-exclusive-lego-disco-clown-batman-minifigures-promoThe free promo set that’s going to catch most folks’ eyes on the new February calendar–including my own–is the Free Exclusive 30607 Disco Batman and Clown Batman Minifigures! The existence of this polybag leaked out several weeks ago internationally, but it’s terrific knowing when and where it will be officially available.

lego-batman-movie-polybag-disco-batman-tears-of-batmanSave some new sets to buy for during the Disco & Clown Batman promo, though–the polybag will only be available as a freebie if you make a qualifying purchase of $75 or more between February 10th and 28th. I hope TLG ordered a lot of these minifigs, because the demand for these is gonna be huge.

free-lego-krypto-saves-the-day-polybag-set-lego-storesBut that’s not the only free superhero set coming our way in the 2/2017 Calendar! The DC Super Hero Girls Krypto Saves The Day set that I just talked about earlier this week will also be free with any LEGO DC Super Hero Girls set purchase from February 1st to 15th–time to pick up one of the smallest sets, eh?

lego-stores-february-2017-free-lego-batman-movie-postersThe free promotions don’t stop there, though! There will be a different free LEGO The Batman Movie Poster available each week of February with any purchase, with the schedule being as follows:

  • February 1st: Harley Quinn
  • February 6th: Batman
  • February 13th: Batgirl
  • February 20th: Robin

lego-vip-early-access-to-brick-headz-setsThere’s also a VIP Early Access event that runs from February 15th to 28th. I don’t imagine that this is going to be especially popular as far as these Early Access events go, as it’s for the super-deformed brick-built LEGO BrickHeadz sets that debuted at SDCC 2016.

Brick Headz LEGO Captain America and Iron Man Set SDCC 2016The Superheroes Brick Headz sets absolutely aren’t for me, but I’m glad for anyone who was wanting these and won’t have to pay crazy scalper prices now!

february-2017-lego-vip-mini-monthly-model-build-squirrelThe February 2017 Free VIP Monthly Mini Model Build will be a grey woodland creature. I genuinely thought this critter was a grey squirrel, but my wife insists that it’s a raccoon, so I suppose it must be. Sort of cute, but I’m not overly jealous about adults being banned from participating in these events.


What adults won’t be banned from participating in, however, is the first-ever LEGO Store Adult Building Night! Yes, it looks like the cries of AFOLs have been heard, and TLG is throwing us a tasty bone with an Adults-Only Building Night on Valentine’s Day evening!

The kiddie version of the event will take place on Saturday, February 11th. It appears that both events will be building the same brick-built LEGO Rose (Awwwww! How sweet!).

back-of-lego-store-february-2017-calendarThe free Clown Batman & Disco Batman 30607 polybag, as well as the free posters and Krypto polybag, will all be available from the Online LEGO Shop as well. The various Building night builds such as the Raccoon and the Rose will not be (since you can’t do the build over the internet, obviously–Ha).

What do you think of the LEGO Stores February 2017 Calendar, brick fans? Will you be dropping by the store to snag some crazy Batman Minifigures, participate in the inaugural Adult Building Night, grab some Early VIP Access Brick Headz or pick up the weekly Batman Movie Posters?


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  1. I really wish u would open up more stores in florida… i dont have close by.. and i would love to take my son to go to a lego store and be able to go some of the awesome things you guys do at the stores and be able to build your own people and pick a brick… and the monthly vip builds… he loves legos so much..

    But we dont have one close enough for us to get too the closes one is at disney. And i am disabled and that is too far for me to be able to drive to take him it is almost 70 miles.

    Please build some more stores…