December 2016 LEGO Store Calendar: Gingerbread Man! Moana!

There may still be another two months and change left in 2016, but another year of LEGO Store Calendars has now come and gone. That’s right–ahead of schedule, the December 2016 LEGO Store Calendar has now been officially posted online in glorious hi-res form! And while the December calendars are ofttimes are a bit dull, that’s not the case this year at all: the first LEGO Moana set is revealed on this calendar, early 2017 set releases are announced… and the controversial return of the Gingerbread Man minifigure as a promo!


Poor Halloween hasn’t even occurred yet, but it’s already time for us to start focusing on Christmas! It’s now confirmed that the popular Free Pick-A-Brick promo will not be happening in 2016, but there’s still lots of interesting stuff going on at the LEGO Stores in December…

The December 2016 Monthly Mini model Build is going to be festive this year, as it’s a red, white and green gift box! This is actually quite cute and a lot more detailed the tiny presents that we usually see in sets, but thankfully it’s also something that I can figure out how to build on my own without too many troubles (which is fortunate, since us old geezers are ineligible to participate in the free VIP Monthly Model Builds.

lego-5005156-gingerbread-man-minifigure-promoThe most controversial thing on the calendar is unquestionably the 5005156 LEGO Gingerbread Man promo, in which customers who make a qualifying purchase of $50 or more will obtain a cardboard Gingerbread House box with a reissued CMF Gingerbread Man Minifigure inside!

A lot of collectors have spent triple or more the original MSRP to get the Gingerbread Man minifig from Series 11 71002, so the decision to bring back an out-of-production figure is certainly going to irritate many collectors. That said, the Gingerbread Man might be my favorite minifigure ever (and the only minifig on my keys lanyard!), so I’m always happy to see one of the best CMFs ever available to more fans. What do you think of this development, readers?

lego-2017-calendar-promo-at-the-lego-storeThe Free 2017 LEGO Wall Calendar promo that I talked about in last month’s November 2016 Store Calendar writeup will continue to be available from November 28th to December 11th (or while supplies last) before switching over to the Gingerbread Man promotion.

lego-store-double-vip-points-december-2016Late shoppers will have something to smile about when Double VIP Points occur on December 10th and 11th! These dates overlap with the end of the 2017 Calendar promotion (if there are any calendars left), but are smartly placed right before the Gingerbread Man becomes available.

early-release-lego-2017-sets-at-the-lego-storeWhile the back of the store calendars are usually pretty devoid of exciting news, that’s not true of this specific calendar, which announces three 2017 sets getting early releases in December (in time for holiday shoppers to devour them, of course): the 41150 LEGO Moana on the High Seas, 70909 LEGO Batman Movie Batcave, and 41232 Super Hero High School sets are all officially coming in December!

lego-moana-on-the-high-seas-41150-setThe image on the calendar of LEGO 41150 Moana on the High Seas is literally the very first official confirmation from TLG that they’re releasing Moana sets at all. I’m not sure how much of a hit the Disney Moana movie is going to be, but you can bet Moana toys are going to be in mega-demand this holiday season if the movie turns out to be a hit when it hits theaters in November!

We don’t know the official piece count or suggested retail price of this LEGO Moana set just yet, but we can see from the image that the set will include a Moana minidoll, along with a colorful chicken, a raft, a little island diorama and a BigFig of The Rock’s character, Maui. (The Rock is finally coming to minifigures–Yes!!)

december-2016-lego-store-calendarAll of these promotions will be available exclusively at the online LEGO Store and the physical chain of stores during the dates specified on the calendar in December. I’m itching to get some 2017 sets early–and to score more Gingerbread Men minifigs for my army–so I’m definitely looking forward to December’s arrival!

What do you think of the December 2016 LEGO Store Calendar, brick fans? Are you excited about any of the events, promos or new sets coming up just in time for Christmas, or are you biding your time (and money!) for the big release of sets coming up in January 2017?

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