August 2016 LEGO Store Calendar! Free London Bus Set!

And now we find ourselves once again in the desolate wasteland that is the barren field of LEGO news in the time period between the Summer 2016 sets being released and the Winter 2017 sets being revealed. We’ve got just under a month until TLG will be revealing the first LEGO 2017 sets during San Diego Comic-Con 2016–but in the meantime, it’s the August 2016 LEGO Store Calendar to the rescue! Not only will this August bring us the much-anticipated Mini London Bus promo polybag, but it also bring another free promo, one of my favorite Mini Monthly Model Builds and more!

August 2016 LEGO Store Calendar

It’s been pretty quiet lately on the news front, but things should be rocketing back into fifth-gear once SDCC 2016 begins next month! Not only will be get a sneak peek at several 2017 sets from the most popular licensed themes in San Diego, but the usual free giveaways and convention exclusive sets should also be making an appearance.

And once Comic Con is over, there’s still plenty of fun happenings and promotions to look forward to, as we can plainly see for the LEGO Stores August 2016 calendar that’s now been uploaded online!
LEGO Mini London Bus Set Promo August 2016I have little doubt in my mind that the promotion that will drive more collectors to the LEGO Stores in August 2016 is the much talked-about Creator London Bus 40220 set.The first image of this set popped up online a few months back, but we weren’t sure about exactly how or when it would be distributed in the United States–until now!

The set contains 118 pieces and will be free with any qualifying purchase of $75 or more while supplies last. Hopefully TLG is prepared for what’s sure to be a humongous demand for this very cool and unique promo giveaway!

Free LEGO Olaf's Summertime Fun Set PromoThere’s another free promo polybag being given out for the entire month of August as well, but this one is far less interesting–it’s a new run of the Disney Princess Olaf’s Summertime Fun set that was previously available at Target stores in 2015! This set didn’t set the world ablaze with excitement during its first release, but I’m sure kids won’t mind getting this set for free with any Disney Princess purchase anyway.

August 2016 LEGO Mini Monthly Model Build Worm in AppleThere’s one more freebie in August, but this one is only for children: the August 2016 Monthly Mini Model Build! Registration will open on July 15th to participate in the August build, which will be an adorable brick-built 40215 apple with a worm inside!

Now, if I ever bit into an apple and found a worm inside, I suspect I’d never eat another apple again in my life (seriously). But this is one gosh-darn adorable mini model, and I’m definitely going to have to snag the instructions after the August 2-3 build of this so I can make it for myself. Love it!

LEGO August 2016 VIP Early Access Set Disney's Cinderella Castle

But no month would be complete without VIP Early Access to an all-new direct-to-consumer exclusive set, right?!

And in August 2016, TLG has lined up what’s going to be a dream come true for many Disney fans, as the exclusive set expected to go up for sale to VIPs from August 17th to 31st is none other than the LEGO Cinderella’s Castle 71040 set!

Leaked images of this set just about broke the internet in half earlier this year, so I can only imagine how excited fans will be when they can actually buy 71040 Cinderella’s Castle and not just look at it!

LEGO Store August 2016 Calendar BackAs has become the norm, the back of the August calendar is pretty much devoid of any kind of excitement, as it pictures a bunch of sets that I expect to see on shelves before we reach August and reiterates topics from the front of the calendar. Ho-hum.

What do you think of the August 2016 LEGO Store calendar, brick fans? Will you be rushing to your favorite local brick store in August to snag a Mini London Bus or Mini Monthly Model Build, or has the latest calendar failed to light the fires of excitement in your heart?


August 2016 LEGO Store Calendar! Free London Bus Set! — 5 Comments

  1. I’m hanging out for that Bus. OMG! Is that the best free giveaway ever?

    Let’s hope Australia get a fair crack at owning one.

  2. London Bus not being released in UK according to staff at my local
    Lego Store. How ridiculous!!!!!

  3. I am a VIP member and made a fairly large purchase in August but never received the free monthly gift ? Did anyone else have that problem ??

    • I received my London bus on both orders I placed in August. Have you tried E-Mailing LEGO customer service? They’re fast and extremely helpful. =D