2017 LEGO Valentine’s Day Picnic 40236 Seasonal Set Revealed!

Back in 2015, TLG surprised fans and made AFOLs the world over fall in love with an upgraded version of their little Seasonal sets with a series of beloved holiday vignettes. 2016 was a huge disappointment to many fans who fell in love with the vignettes, as the “brick-built creature” seasonal sets returned. But collectors are going to be happy in 2017–LEGO Valentine’s Day Picnic 40236 has now been revealed, confirming that the brick-built holiday scenes are coming back!


I’ve been quite busy with work and a variety of other things lately that have kept me from updating (for which I do apologize, dear readers), but two things happened this week that managed to get my LEGO attention back on track:

1) The LEGO Batman Movie blind bags released early in many cities (and I’ll be talking about that in-depth soon); and 2) the first new Holiday Vignette Seasonal Set in over a year was revealed! Coming to LEGO Stores next month, it’s the 40236 Valentine’s Picnic set!

40236-lego-valentines-day-picnic-2017-seasonal-setOh my, how do I love this set? Let me count the ways! I think the idea of a young man and woman out for a holiday picnic together under a fruit tree is absolutely adorable! I’m not sure exactly where in the world this duo is at where there’s a tree with fruit and/or flowers on it in the middle of February, but it’s a wonderful little romantic scene nonetheless!

Some of the best details of this set include brick-built sandwiches and a bouquet, a teddy bear, a balloon, a chocolate bar, a pineapple, cookies and a cupcake, a brick-built fountain and even what is most assuredly a bottle of sparkling cider with two fancy glasses!

The picnic blanket that the happy couple is sitting upon is made out of red and white square pieces, and a detail I missed at my first glance at the set is the bird house of the tree (and the brick-built bird atop it)! This set is just too sweet. I really, really like it.

lego-40236-valentines-day-picnic-seasonal-setThe LEGO Seasonal Valentine Picnic 40236 set is expected to be available online and in LEGO Stores as early as January 1st, 2017, although TLG has yet to post an official release date for the set. The set will carry the $9.99 season price-tag that we’ve all come to know and love, which is more than a fair price for a set containing two minifigures and 126 pieces.

Are you excited to see the brick-built holiday scenes returning for another year, brick fans? Will you be picking up the Valentine’s Day Picnic set in just a few short weeks, ¬†or are you more into the “buildable-creature” style of holiday sets?


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