2017 LEGO DC Super Hero Girls Sets Revealed & Photos!

Yesterday I talked about the three new LEGO Batman Movie sets that TLG debuted yesterday in advance of NYCC 2016–but those aren’t the only superhero-related sets to premiere this week! Though it’s a line that I fully expect to be very, very divisive among brick fans, the first three LEGO DC Super Hero Girls sets have now been revealed… with Harley Quinn, Batgirl, and Supergirl minidolls!


41231 Harley Quinn’s Cafe Rescue

As soon as I saw these DC Superhero Girls LEGO sets unveiled earlier this week, I knew there was gonna be a lot of scrutiny for them among adult LEGO collectors. 

But before we all get out the pitchforks, don’t blame the style of this theme on TLG–DC Super Hero Girls is a new theme based off of an actual series, and these DC Super Hero Girls minidolls are very faithful to the style and design of that series. 

lego-dc-superhero-girls-harley-quinn-minidoll-close-upI know not everyone is a huge fan of minidolls, but that’s what market research said was the best bet for this theme, and it’s also the most authentic to these characters’ actual designs. 

I’m personally not in love with this character design for Harley Quinn (I much prefer her Batman: The Animated Series jester costume)–or this little cafe building that she comes with–and I’m not sure who the blonde hunk is, but I think the rest of the new minidolls look great. 

41230-batgirls-batjet-lego-dc-girls-set41230 Batgirl’s Batjet

The LEGO Batgirl’s Jet 41230 set actually has a really fun, retro-like design to it. It’s about time Batgirl got her own brick-built vehicle, and this one has got a real Batman ’66 vibe. Love it. 


I don’t know enough about the DC Superhero Girls series to know what the little monster-like crystal looking figures are, but they’re not terrible as a pack-in. 

41232-lego-dc-superhero-girls-super-hero-high-school41232 Super Hero High School

The big set of this new theme is the LEGO Super Hero High School, which has a unique look to it for a civilian building and includes three unique minidolls. 

I think that this high school set has the potential to be a major success with young girls despite being a large set with a likely high price-tag. 

I kind of want to get this High School for my Ultimate Spider-Man minifigures to hang out in, honestly!

lego-dc-super-hero-girls-poison-ivy-supergirl-minidollsThe set includes three figures: Supergirl, Lena Luthor (yes, that’s a real character) and Poison Ivy minidolls. With Supergirl’s TV Series being so popular, I think she’s a great headliner for this set. 

What do you think of the first sets to be revealed in the LEGO Super Hero Girls theme, brick fans? Are you infatuated by this theme or totally groaning at the sight of superhero minidolls?

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