2017 LEGO City Pizza Van 60150 Set Photos Preview!

The time is upon us at last! In just a few short weeks, collectors will be able to march into their favorite retail stores and prance home with fresh bags full of plastic joy–AKA LEGO 2017 sets! As we count down to this momentous occasion, I’ll be doing my annual previews every day and looking at some of the hottest 2017 LEGO sets. And the first set on my docket is what I expect will be the best-selling set from Winter 2017 LEGO City: Pizza Van 60150!


With dozens of new sets being released each year in the City theme, you might think that TLG would be out of ideas by now. But while there are plenty of rehashed ideas each year, TLG has something that feels fresh, modern and interesting lined up as one of the most anticipated sets of the new year.

It might be amore, because a big pizza pie is coming our way this winter–delivered by the all-new 60150 LEGO Pizza Van!


I love the bright yellow and maroon color scheme of the pizza truck, as well as the colorful stickers that adorn it (even though I’d always prefer printed bricks to decals, but alas). I can always use more full pizza bricks, and this will be my first LEGO pizza slice ever. Love it!

There’s also a pizza box included with the set, although it’s tough to say from the images available whether the box will have a printed top or a sticker. I suspect it’s a sticker, though.

The “menu” sticker seems to hint that the mobile restaurant has both pizza and salad available for purchase, although there’s no indication that the set will include any kind of salad accessory (has there ever been a brick-built salad, for that matter?).


The 60150 Pizza Van set will contain 249 pieces, including two minifigures: an Italian pizza chef minifig and a young lady with a red motorbike. Yes, that’s right–a girl with a motorbike! We don’t see that too often! Thanks, TLG!

The long-haired girl minifig is wearing a light blue hoodie with what looks like a paisley-esque design on the front. She’s really quite cute! And hey, safety first: she includes a white motorcycle helmet for added protection when operating her motor bike. She also has a little table that she can rest and eat her pizza at–don’t eat and drive a motorcycle, kids!

There is no known MSRP yet for this set, but based on its size and number of bricks, it will almost certainly retail for $19.99 or $24.99 USD. My preference is 20 bucks (of course), but I’m so happy with this design that I wouldn’t begrudge $25 either.

60150-lego-city-2017-sets-pizza-vanThe LEGO City 2017 Pizza Van 60150 set is expected to be officially released online and in stores in January 2016, but I’d be really surprised if we don’t see the set actually appearing in some stores prior to the holidays! (I’m quite taken with this set, so if I see it, I just may scoop it up early as a holiday gift to myself!)

What do you think of the Pizza Van LEGO set, brick fans? Will you be snatching up this fun food truck set this winter, or are you not impressed with this concept?


2017 LEGO City Pizza Van 60150 Set Photos Preview! — 6 Comments

  1. Given it’s a set in the Great Vehicles line, $19.99 is the likely price, given that while the price hasn’t changed since they started these in 2012, the piece count have risen: 222>228>250.

  2. I will definitely pick this up when it is released as well as the Friends pizzeria building.