2017 LEGO Batman Movie Catwoman Cycle Chase 70902 Revealed!

There’s one more set from today’s LEGO The Batman Movie reveals that I wasn’t going to be able to sleep tonight if I didn’t talk about (I’m sick, I know), and while it’s small, it’s also pretty significant! Not only is the LEGO Catwoman Catcycle Chase set low-priced, but it’s also the first (non-Superhero Girls) LEGO Superheroes set ever where the number of female minifigures included outnumbers the number of males…


The times, they are a-changin’. A few years back we’d be lucky to find more than one or two female-centric comic books coming from Marvel or DC Comics. Now, there’s dozens of female-led comic series being released monthly.

And so, it seems that the time was ripe for TLG to strike with the first-ever predominantly female LEGO Batman set–and they have!

Let’s take a look at the 70902 Catwoman Catcycle Chase…

lego-catwoman-cycle-chase-set-motorcycle-jewelry-storeThis is one of a handful of budget-priced, impulse buy sets being released for The LEGO Batman Movie. The main playset components of this set are a facade of a diamond jewelry store (with awesome diamond cat logo) and a purple motorcycle for Catwoman to ride.

The set will contains 139 pieces and is expected to retail for $14.99. That’s a bit more than my ideal target of 10 cents per piece, but it has to be taken into consideration that this set contains three minifigures (a value of about $12).


No one buys sets of this type for the vehicles or environments, of course (at least, I hope not)–they buy them as a source for cheap minifigs! And this set has a really interesting minifigure selection.

There’s one exclusive figure in this set: a Catwoman minifigure in her purple catsuit (no pun intended). This costume actually looks really cool, and might be my favorite look ever for LEGO Selina Kyle.

Meanwhile, two characters otherwise only available in one medium-high priced set each are also included: Barbara Gordon as Batgirl and a Robin minifigure. These are both integral characters that definitely needed to be available outside pricey sets, so thumbs up including them here.

Notice anyone who’s not here…? That’s right–Batman himself isn’t present! This is the only LEGO Batman Movie set without a Batman minifig included, and I for one am grateful for it. I think having the women outnumber the males in this set sets a great precedent–one I hope to see matched by the Marvel sets soon.

lego-2017-the-batman-movie-catwoman-cycle-chase-70902-set-contentsThe 70902 LEGO The Batman Movie Catwoman Catcycle Chase set will be available for order online and in stores officially in January 2017. The set will likely see a limited released in some stores that leak it out prior to the release date, but with this set being low-priced, I expect it to sell out quickly leading up to the holidays.

What do you think of the Catwoman Cycle Chase LEGO set, brick fans? Are you excited to see superheroines getting some love outside of the Superhero Girls sets, and who would you like to see if there’s a female-centric Marvel set?


2017 LEGO Batman Movie Catwoman Cycle Chase 70902 Revealed! — 3 Comments

  1. I love the little jewelry store for her to rob. The purple costume also pops much more nicely than the heretofor seen black cat woman.
    The Joker’s low rider also comes without a Batman mini figure. Just sayin’.

  2. Is… is that the Carrie Kelley Robin? Are all THREE minifigs here females?


    Seems like Catwoman only ever gets motorcycles, but at least this one is fully brick-built and awesome.

    • I thought it was Carrie Kelley as well, but for whatever reason the LEGO Batman Movie Dick Grayson LOOKS like Carrie Kelley. Weird, huh…?