Huge LEGO Sale! 150+ LEGO Sets 20% Off on Amazon!

LEGO Scooby-Doo Mystery Mansion 75904 Box

Rarely do I feel the need to make an entire blog post just because of a sale, but I’m going to make an exception tonight–because one of the most extensive LEGO sales in memory is going on right now! In order to clear space for all those Summer 2016 sets coming our way shortly, Amazon has put 150+ sets on sale for 20% Off or more and all are free shipping eligible! Read on for my thoughts on what the standout deals are in this sale…

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LEGO Geoffrey & Friends 40228 Toys R Us Giraffe Set!

LEGO 40228 Geoffrey & Friends Box Back

The unexpected discovery of a totally out-of-the-blue new promotional LEGO set is usually cause for much excitement and celebration. But, well… there are exceptions to every rule, and this may be such an exception. Parental discretion is advised, because this set may give some readers nightmares: the Toys R Us exclusive LEGO Geoffrey & Friends 40228 set has now been revealed!

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July 2016 LEGO Store Calendar! Classic Knights Promo Set!

July 2016 LEGO Store Calendar

Mark “May 22” on your calendars, kids, because it may be the new “Early LEGO Day”! Not only do a handful of sets we were originally told wouldn’t be available for months including the City Fun in the Park People Pack set go up for order online today, but the July 2016 LEGO Store Calendar has also been posted over a week early! And it’s another goodie, including two free promo sets (Classic Knights promo!), a few exclusive set releases and more!

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LEGO Creator Expert Big Ben 10253 Set Photos & Video!

LEGO Big Ben 10253 Box Back

Before I went and got totally sick and fell behind on posts, the last thing I posted were the first leaked photos of the long-awaited LEGO Creator Expert Big Ben 10253 set! Well, as it so happens, the very next day after making that post, TLG officially released all of the details regarding 10253, so now we can see the set from multiple angles in gorgeous hi-res, as well as know the price, release date, and more! Want to know everything there is to know about this summer’s LEGO Big Ben set? Read on…

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LEGO Big Ben 10253 Creator Expert Set Revealed & Photos!

LEGO Big Ben 10253 Set Box

I was driving down the road to my doctor’s appointment when I almost swerved off the street and into a tree when some photos in an incoming message popped up on my phone screen and caught my eye. We’ve been waiting for months now to get out first glimpse at the highly-rumored Creator Expert LEGO Big Ben 10253 set, and today our first photos of the box for the set have finally appeared!

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LEGO Civil War Spider-Man Set Revealed! LEGO 76067 Photos!

LEGO Civil War Spider-Man Set Back Tanker Truck Takedown 76067

It’s pretty unusual for LEGO to release a movie-based Marvel set months after the rest of the sets in the series, so it was a bit of a head-scratcher when rumors began to surface regarding a fourth Civil War set in addition to the ones released a couple months back. I should have realized immediately why this set was delayed a bit, but it’s pretty clear now: the first-ever MCU Spider-Man minifigure is the headliner in the exclusive LEGO Marvel Tanker Truck Takedown 76067 Civil War set!

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LEGO Batman Rescue from Ra’s Al Ghul Set Photos! 76056

LEGO Batman Rescue from Ra's Al Ghul 76056 Set Box

One of the downsides to the cornucopia of new sets that LEGO shows off at the New York Toy Fair in February is that news is a little, well… slow… in the months following Toy Fair. Thankfully, TLG doesn’t show us absolutely everything at Toy Fair, so we still have some surprises to look forward to. And so, though rumors have been circulating since winter, today we finally got our first look at this year’s last Batman set: the 76056 LEGO Batman Rescue from Ra’s Al Ghul set!

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Toys R Us LEGO Star Wars Mini Millennium Falcon Set Info!

LEGO Star Wars Toys R Us Event May 7 2016 Flyer

May the 4th 2016 is a bit weird in that it falls on a Wednesday–precisely in the middle of the week, and in an unenviable position for stores looking to merchandise and capitalize on the event. As a result, the LEGO Store May the 4th sale this year began on the last day of April (April the Fourth Be With You?), and Toys R Us stores in the United States and Canada are having their event during separate weeks. And while Canada had this fun, free LEGO Mini Millennium Falcon model build yesterday, U.S. stores will be getting it next weekend…

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LEGO Disney Minifigures Series 1 Figures Hi-Res Photos!

LEGO Stitch Minifigure from LEGO Disney Minifigures Series

UPDATE 5/1/2016: The LEGO Disney Minifigures 71012 blind bags have been officially released today, and are selling out fast!

But if your local stores have all been wiped out already, remember that there’s free shipping on every order from the online LEGO Shop this week, so you can get anywhere from one minifigure up for retail price and zero dollars shipping!

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