LEGO Civil War Captain America’s Motorcycle Set Released!

LEGO Civil War Captain America's Motorcycle Polybags Released

It was a little bit over a month ago that we learned from the May 2016 LEGO Store Calendar that a brand-new LEGO Marvel Captain America’s Motorcycle polybag promo was scheduled for the end of May!

But if you don’t feel like waiting until the end of the month to snag this set for free, you don’t have to: the 30447 Captain America’s Motorcycle set from Civil War is now starting to turn up for sale in local Toys R Us stores!

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LEGO Star Wars May the 4th 2016 Exclusive Minifigure!

LEGO 30602 First Order Stormtrooper Polybag Promo May the 4th 2016

UPDATE 4/30/2016: The most celebrated LEGO Star Wars Event of 2016 is upon us!

Not only is the LEGO Assault on Hoth USC set now in-stock, but the May the 4th Exclusive Jakku Stormtrooper is now available online while supplies last! If you want to keep your Episode VII minifigures collection complete without having to buy off the aftermarket, now is the time to recruit Jakku Stormtroopers!

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Exclusive LEGO Nightwing Minifigure Polybag Up for Order!

LEGO Gotham City Breakout DVD with Nightwing LEGO Minifigure

2016 is a monumental year for DC, with the DC Cinematic Universe truly launching and the DC Comics Rebirth event intended to bring back the glory to their comic book line.

Part of DC Rebirth will be Grayson returning to his classic blue Nightwing costume–and TLG is celebrating by including the first new blue LEGO Nightwing Minifigure in a decade with the LEGO Justice League Gotham City Breakout movie that is now up for order!

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June 2016 LEGO Store Calendar Revealed! Promos! Events!

LEGO Store Calendar June 2016

April turned out to be a pretty boring month, with very little “news” that wasn’t just official photos of sets I took better photos of back at New York Toy Fair 2016.

But the end of April is nigh, and now we can look ahead to the June 2016 LEGO Store Calendar–which features one of the best promo sets of the year, a surprise VIP Early Access set, a Seaplane Mini Monthly Model Build and more!

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Free Exclusive LEGO Fountain 40221 Set Promo Revealed!

LEGO 40221 Fountain Set Box

LEGO collectors have been pretty vocal that they’re not particularly excited about this year’s May the 4th LEGO Star Wars Promo figure: the Jakku First Order Stormtrooper Minifigure. But while there’s no going back on the May promo, LEGO Stores have an awesome free exclusive promo ready for fans in June 2016, and it’s one that’s going to go fast: the LEGO Fountain 40221 has now been revealed!

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LEGO Minecraft The Village 21128 Set Revealed & Photos!

LEGO Minecraft The Village 21128 Box

LEGO news has definitely dried up a little bit since the planet-load of Summer 2016 sets that were shown off at New York Toy Fair 2016, but the good folks over at TLG have given us something big to talk about today–and by “big”, I mean the single largest and most expensive set conceived yet for the Minecraft theme! Piecing out at a cool 1,600 pieces and priced at $199.99, the LEGO Minecraft The Village 21128 set has now been revealed!

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LEGO Star Wars Summer 2016 Star Scavenger Set Photos!

LEGO Star Wars Star Scavenger 75147 Box

Believe it or not, there are still Summer 2016 LEGO sets I took photos of at the NY Toy Fair 2016 and still haven’t talked about. Doubly shocking is a few of those sets are from the Star Wars theme! That ends now, as tonight I’m discussing the Eclipse Fighter on my Star Wars blog, and over here the main ship from this year’s Freemaker Adventures cartoon: the LEGO Star Wars Star Scavenger 75147!

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